18 Best Inspiring Indian Autobiographies To Read 2020

Many influential personalities have set a perfect example in front of us on how exactly we should move forward in our lives. The life of these inspiring people has given us a lot of guidelines and motivation about living. We learn the greatest lessons of our lives by just reading their life stories and that’s why to motivate people, autobiographies are written. They serve in teaching people about life by getting them acquainted with oneself’s struggle in life. Many Indian autobiographies are there that you should read for inspiration.

Best Inspirational Indian Autobiographies That You Must Read:

1. OUTLAW: India’s Bandit Queen and Me, by Roy Moxham

Phoolan Mallah, a woman of massive inspiration to thousands, was a girl raised in a poor rural family in Uttar Pradesh. She was a survivor who, despite the fact that she was brutally gang-raped and abused million times, later became a gang leader followed by acquiring a seat of the Member of Parliament in India.

The autobiography by Roy Moxham, an Englishman, is a captivating portrait of his friendship with Phoolan Mallah, the Bandit Queen of India. The story revolves around their friendship where the now-called Robin Hood, Phoolan, had to surrender and go to jail for her justice but Roy helped her seek justice and their achievements till she was gunned down in 2001.

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Outlaw: Best Indian Autobiographies

2. My Experiment With Truth By Mahatma K Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi who referred to as the ‘Father Of Our Nation’ has told his life story through his autobiography ‘My Experiment With Truth’. It has all the important incidents of his life discussed.

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The Story Of My Experiments With Truth: Indian Autobiographies To Read

3. Akhada: Biography of Mahavir Singh Phogat, by Saurabh Duggal

We all have seen Amir Khan onscreen as Mahavir Singh Phogat in Dangal but did we know Phogat before Amir Khan portrayed his character? Mahavir Singh Phogat, a resident of Haryana, is a wrestler who devoted his time to strenuous training and incessant sacrifices.

Phogat was an outstanding and rebellious wrestler and strongly opposed female foeticide practice. He trained his daughter with admiration and skills to bring the finest champions forward. The life of a “Pehelwaan” was never easy but Phogat was a man of determination and focus.

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Akhada: Best Indian Autobiographies

4. Vivekananda: A Biography By Swami Nikhilananda

Swami Vivekanand is counted amongst one of the most inspirational personalities we ever had. His life story is truly motivational. His biography is highly recommended, especially for students.

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A Biography By Vivekananda: Indian Autobiographies To Read

5. Sir C. V. Raman, by A. Krishna Bhatt

V. Raman, a man of boundless peculiarity, devoted his time in the field of Science laying the foundation for Scientific Research in India. A. Krishna Bhatt portrayed the genius, first Indian Nobel Prize winner as the most live person with astounding achievements and hurdles of complexity in his life.

C. V. Raman’s life’s genuine details and inspiring procurements are finely placed in this book by A. Krishna Bhatt, one of the finest pieces. C. V. Raman was full of love, endless hope for education and his humble beginnings define his life like a miracle of nature.

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Sir C.V Raman: Best Indian Autobiographies

6. Wings Of Fire By A P J Abdul Kalam

A P J Abdul Kalam undoubtedly has a dynamic personality. The youth of India should learn from his life events and the struggles he faced in his life. His autobiography is one of the most inspirational autobiographies ever written.

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Wings Of Fire: Indian Autobiographies To Read

7. The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life Of The Genius Ramanujan By Robert Kanigel

Mathematics, a subject of interest if you know what to do! Srinivasa Ramanujan, a perfectly developed mind who turned out to be a genius, considering the fact that he wasn’t taken seriously in his early years of life, is now recognized as the contributor of major proportion in mathematics.

He was from Tamil Nadu who, due to few issues, was unable to attend his schools, but has “Not attending school” ever affected geniuses? No. He, despite not attending school, learned mathematics and was eventually recognized for his devotion and achievements. Robert Kanigel has painted Ramanujan in a way he will not be forgotten. His early contribution in achievement under G. H. Hardy is also depicted clearly.

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The Man Who Knew Infinity: Indian Autobiographies To Read

8. Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan, by Shrabani Basu

Woman Empowerment has been in action for many years and Noor Inayat can be called the perfect figure of Women Empowerment of that age. In her life, from 1912-1944, she lived against the society and eventually died while caring for the society. She was a Special Operations Executive agent in the World War II.

She was a shy, innocent girl who chose the path of utter competition and eventually made her dreams come true. She was an Indian Origin Briton who worked in Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and was later, after living her life in danger, killed in Dachau, in a concentration camp. She did an extraordinary work of living her life on her will.

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Spy Princess: Best Indian Autobiographies

9. The Z Factor: My Journey As A Wrong Man At A Right Time By Subash Chandra

The autobiography of Subash Chandra consists of his journey from a poor little kid to one of the most influential personalities of India. These inspirational autobiographies are a must-read.

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The Z Factor: Indian Autobiographies To Read

10. Husain: Portrait by Artist, by Ila Pal

An apotheosis of M.F. Husain, the finest painter of all time, written by IIa Pal was her work after she met him in 1961. Much about Husain wasn’t known at the time but that he walked barefoot with his paintbrush in his hands. Pal, after meeting him, made him the study of interest and followed and learned about him and his works.

She has beautifully displayed his iconic works and his life in this book while explaining how the charming yet peculiar figure he was. She studied him for 50 years and materials, Husain, as the “creative genius” whose each verse of poetry is a delightful read and work is a miracle, compared to Picasso.

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Husain: Best Indian Autobiographies

11. Not Just An Accountant By Vinod Rai

The Diary of the Nation’s conscience keeper, this Indian autobiography shows the life of Vinod Rai. This book is an easy read because it doesn’t complicate the facts. Vinod Rai is definitely just not an accountant but a very inspiring leader that this nation needed.

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Not Just An Accountant By Vinod Rai: Indian Autobiographies To Read

12. Gandhi before India, by Ramachandra Guha

Mahatma Gandhi, regarded as “Father of the Nation” was truly an inspiration after his behemoth contributions in Indian independence. This 2013 released book by Ramachandra Guha is an investment of his time to depict M. Gandhi’s personal life and his experiences. Apart from being an Indian fighter for independence, he was a husband and a father too.

This book has slightly changed our directions towards his personal life. It is detailed research on Gandhi’s life in South Africa and how he experiences discrimination on the basis of color. The book has also focused on his life details.

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Gandhi Before India: Best Indian Autobiographies

13. Karmayogi: A Biography Of E. Sreedharan By M.S. Ashokan

The biography of E. Sreedharan written by M.S. Ashokan teaches us how to lead a life in a noble manner. Despite being such an accomplisher, E. Sreedharan was a down to earth person who has motivated the nation in his life journey and now his biography will motivate you further.

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Karmayogi: Indian Autobiographies To Read

14. Helen: The life and times of H-Bomb, by Jerry Pinto.

Originally published in 2006, this book has focused on works of ubiquitous celebrity, Helen. The articulate yet warm book by Jerry Pinto is a linchpin on Helen’s work as different characters and a variety of roles throughout movies in Indian cinema. She is addressed as the H-Bomb not because of her name but her fame in the industry and her influence on people.

She is regarded as the personality deconstructing the norms of society. With her perpetual presence, she took the hearts of many. Jerry has pinpointed her as the focused on her works without spending time with her personally but made it possible for the readers to feel like he was with her the whole time.

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Helen: Best Indian Autobiographies

15. Beyond The Last Blue Mountain By R. M. Lala

A book finely compiled with details and description of Jehangir Ratnji Dadabhoy Tata. He is one of the finest examples of “Nothing can stop you from reaching where you aim”. This book is equipped with exemplary courage and dealing with the hardships of the magnanimous personality.

The book has made it perfectly visible how Ratan Tata Ji faced failure, frustrations, setbacks, and them into success, achievements, overcame the obstacles, and experienced the various emotions and stress in his entire life. The book has covered his life in mere pages but has showcased how the philanthropist, a business tycoon turned the Indian economy into the pages of gold.

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Beyond The Last Blue Mountain: Indian Autobiographies To Read

16. Lilavati’s Daughters, by Indian Academy of Sciences

Mentoring young women’s minds, looking forward to seeking a career in any field, the initiative by Women in Sciences Panel has compiled essays regarding the works and lives of women who were involved in the field of science. Sketching lives of 100 women, who contributed in science, has been very keenly learned and mentioned in these.

The book is like a file of inspiring women covering a range of disciplined, well maintained, satisfied, curious, and busy in mere pages. The book was successfully launched on 31st October 2008.

Best Indian Autobiographies

17. I Too Had A Dream By Verghese Kurien

Another gem in the list of inspirational autobiographies is the Indian autobiography written by Verghese Kurien. The man behind the successful dairy company Amul and his success story will give you enough motivation for your achievements in life.

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I Too Had A Dream: Indian Autobiographies To Read

18. The Journey Home By Radhanath Swami

This book is about a young American man who explores India in the search of truth and god. This Indian autobiography is well written and well explained in detail and is highly recommended.

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The Journey Home: Indian Autobiographies To Read