Top 10 Luxurious 7 Star Hotels In India 2021

7 star hotels in india

Our nation has beauty everywhere. Sky meeting with the hills, colorful flowers blooming in the grounds, crystal water in the lake and birds twittering all the time. And, when a beautiful hotel is built with all these effects, that is no less than a heaven. All the 7 star hotels in India have these heavenly charms. Spending days in such a place is just like touching all the luxuries in life. 

What Facilities Are Offered In 7 Star Hotels?

After listening to the word ‘7 star’, it’s obvious to assume the luxury at different levels. 7 star hotels give you a number of services and facilities. The moment you enter the hotel, you become the king and queen of your palace. Compared to the hotels of the world, Indian 7 star hotels have traditional architecture. Most of our hotels have been built in some historic buildings.

The rooms are so gorgeous with lavish beds and huge space. From the furniture to the decorations, everything seems so delicate and royal. You get a personal butler for managing every single thing of yours. Imagine how great you’ll feel when you go somewhere to visit in a Rolls Royce and a person opens the door for you, isn’t it fascinating? With this, you get a garden, pool, spa and more over, the food and decorations have been done as per your choice. 7 star hotels have elegance at every corner.

The 7 Star Hotels Which Stops The Heartbeats Of People In A Glance Are:

1. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons License

This is located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, made in 1943. The palace was named after Maharaja Umaid Singh. Architecture of Umaid Bhawan Palace is so historic. The overall palace is divided into three areas, private residency, the hotel and museum.

Owner: Grandchild of Maharaja Umaid Singh, Mr. Gaj Singh.

What make it special: In the vast area of 26 acres, the palace has 347 rooms, gardens, throne, meeting halls, durbar halls, banquet hall, private dining halls, indoor swimming pool, spa, library, tennis court, squash court, folk performances during dinners, museum and so many other things. Apart from these, it has a great collection of paintings and decorative pieces from which you can’t take your eyes off.

What excites the visitors: Located on the Chittar hills, the palace has everything so pretty. Things which really attract people are the interior and museum. The internal architecture of the palace has features of Buddhism and Hinduism. This art is known as Indo-Deco art. The fine detailing and curves are so beautiful to look at.

The museum on the other hand has a lot of historic photos embedded on the walls. The royal cars and carts are placed in the garden which are the main attention point for the visitors. Also, the Mehrangarh Fort is a place to visit. 

How to reach: Umaid bhawan palace is about 18 to 20 minutes away from the Jodhpur Airport and this city has good air links with all other cities. You can also use the Rajasthan roadways. You can get a cab or bus to reach the hotel.

Cost: The starting value of Umaid Bhawan Palace for 2 guests and one night is ₹28,700 as a standard rate, ₹ 22,960 as members rates and ₹32,203 as package rates.

Uniqueness: The Rajasthani food and folk culture makes the place unique and a point of attention.

Perfect season to visit: The most beautiful season to visit Umaid Bhawan Palace is mid October to March.

2. The Oberoi

The Oberoi: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Oberoi Hotels

The Oberoi hotel is located in New Delhi, built in 1965. This hotel is fully furnished with western designs. The interior of the hotel, rooms, walk areas, everything is so classic and decent.

Owner: Oberoi hotel of New Delhi belongs to the hotel chain group ‘The Oberoi’ whose owner is Mr. Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi.

What makes it special: Though the entire hotel is so magnificent, the speciality is the collection of unique wines and cigars. Cirrus 9, a beautiful rooftop bar, Enoteca, the wine section at the lobby and a new Cigar lounge are the three main sections of attraction.

What excites the visitors: Hotel has a 24 hours fitness centre, five private spa rooms and scented steam showers. With this, complementary yoga classes, pools and aesthetic food and beverages.

Hotel is located in the middle of a variety of visiting sites. On the one side, it has 18 hole Golf Court and on the other side, it has the UNESCO world heritage site of Humayun’s tomb, built in the 16th century. Also, India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan are at a distance of less than 5 km.

How to reach: Hotel Oberoi is 16 km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. Visitors can easily get a cab to the hotel.

Cost: The price range of the hotel is based on the choice of rooms. INR 11,400 for deluxe room, INR 12,825 for luxury room, INR 18,000 for premier room, INR 36,000 for The Oberoi suite and INR 90,000 for Kohinoor suite on per night basis.

Uniqueness: This was the first luxury hotel in the country’s capital. It is a perfect example of great hospitality and sophistication. 24 hours room services and food availability make it unique.

Perfect season to visit: Start of February to mid April is the most favorable season to visit this hotel.

3. Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: TajHotels

This hotel is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This place belongs to a number of kings like Prince Ram Singh , Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh and many more. But in 1931, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh made the palace his primary residence and built a number of royal suites.

Owner: The hotel belongs to the royal family of jaipur whose present directors are Thakur Hari Singh, Vijit Singh, Vidya Singh, Maharaj Jai Singh and Pratap Singh.

What make it special: The hotel has 78 beautiful rooms, gardens based on Mughal culture, spa, pool, traditional dining restaurants and many more.

Indian culture architecture can be seen everywhere in the hotel.

What excites the visitors: As the hotel is based on Rajasthani traditions, the food here in the Suvarna Mahal is the main reason for visitors’ love. Apart from typical Rajasthani meals, it also has multi cuisine culture to satisfy your taste. The spa is so aromatic and relaxing.

How to reach: Visitors can reach here through bus, railways, and via air also. Jaipur has an international airport and is well connected with other cities.

Cost: The price range according to the rooms is between 20,560 to 3,01,600 per night.

Uniqueness: The folk performances and traditional Rajasthani food, rich in Indian flavours, are the uniqueness of this place.

Perfect season to visit: From the early winters to early summer is the perfect time to visit this beautiful palace.

4. Aman-I-khas

Aman-I-Khas: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source:

Typically located in the middle of forest, near Ranthambore National Park. This hotel is based on Mughal tent culture. It has amazing wildlife scenery.

Owner: Vladislav Doronin is the CEO, owner and chairman of Aman Group.

What makes it special: This is located between nature. The colors of the hotel and the environment is so mesmerizing. The curtains, tents, golden lights, lamps and much more seem so delicate and pleasant. Peaceful spa therapy with Ayurveda soundtrack is so luxurious.

What excites the visitors: The nearest spot is Ranthambore National Park which is flooded with flora and fauna. The beauty of this place and traditional culture of Mughals make this hotel marvelous.

How to reach: The journey from Delhi Airport to this place is about 4-6 hours via train. Also, you can take a flight from Delhi to Jaipur, after that, a 3 hour road trip to the hotel.

Cost: The cost of this place is 99,695 excluding taxes and other fees.

Uniqueness: The nature’s beauty and wildlife make this place special. Mughal tents and exotic spas make the stay more delightful. Traditional taste of food and the fragrance of spices is a good thing to attract.

Perfect season to visit: End of October to mid May are the most suitable months to visit this property.

5. Taj Madikeri Resort and Spa

Taj Medikeri Report & Spa: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Taj Hotels

This resort is located in the queen of hills, Coorg. The greenery of hills, blue water of pool and charming lights, this place is a beautiful honeymoon destination. Cold breeze all over the place makes your days memorable.

Owner: This place comes under Indian Hotels Company Limited, known as the Taj Group, owned by Tata group.

What makes it special: This whole place is a heaven at a glance. It has 63 rooms with Rudraksha and Cardamom wooden flooring. Spa, pool, pottery classes, amazing tours and even cooking classes are also here.

What excites the visitors: This beautiful place, sitting in the lap of nature, is completely lovable in all aspects. The magical spas, tranquil nature and riding on roads with bikes attract all the visitors. This place is truly gorgeous.

How to reach: The airport of Mangalore is the nearest one to reach this place.

Cost: The charges for Superior cottages are INR 20,300, Deluxe cottages are INR 22,800, Premium villa are INR 28,300, Luxury pool villa are INR 61,300 and Presidential Nirvana suite for INR 1,60,350 all for per night basis.

Uniqueness: The exotic taste of South Indian cuisine makes the place even more attractive.

Perfect season to visit: Between October to March is the best time to visit this place.

6. Taj Bekal Resort and Spa

Taj Bekal Report And Spa: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Taj Hotels

This resort is situated in Kerala. With nature and soothing winds, this place is perfect to get peace of mind. This is an ideal destination for those who love photography and need to relax their minds. This place is best at hospitality.

Owner: This property also comes under the Taj Group of Hotels.

What makes it special: The infrastructure is inspired by the Kettuvallam houseboats. It has 66 rooms and villas which give an amazing view of the outside. Jiva Spa adopted Ayurveda style therapy which helps your mind to relax.

What excites the visitors: The Kappil beach and the colored boats in the river are the centre point of attraction. The blue sky and chirping of birds are so calm and restful.

How to reach: This place is nearest to the Mangalore airport.

Cost: The rooms and villas are available here between the range of INR 9,000 to INR 2,01,500 on a per night basis.

Uniqueness: Satisfy all your taste with the authentic food of Kerala.

Perfect season to visit: Late winters and early summers are the preferably best time to visit here.

7. Taj Falaknuma Palace

Taj Faluknama: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Taj Hotels

This place is located 2,000 feet above the city of Hyderabad. This is the best example of royalty and luxury. They lead their guests to the property in a horse cart which is so classic.

Owner: Taj Group of hotels.

What makes it special: This place has well furnished 60 rooms and suites. The gardens, durbar halls, jade room, spa with ayurveda make the place attractive.

What excites the visitors: Normally, a hotel or palace is famous for food, spa, pools, view and so on but this place is differently popular for its beautiful library and a collection of various books. People who like to read, spend their days sitting in this library and reading different books.

How to reach: Hyderabad is one of the populated cities in India and well connected with other cities through air routes and rail routes.

Cost: The price range starts from INR 33,000 to INR 6,00,000 per night.

Uniqueness: The South Indian cuisine and Qawwali performance in the evening make this place different from others.

Perfect season to visit: October and March are fabulous times to visit this lovely place.

8. Wildflower Hall

Windflower Hall: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Oberoi Hotels

This place is located in Shimla. The scenery is so mesmerizing and the ambience in the atmosphere gives you a relaxing holiday. Lord Kitchener, chief of the British army used to live here. This place makes your trip so aristocratic. 

Owner: The Oberoi group.

What makes it special: This place has a spacious lounge, place for snooker and billiards, a library with a marvelous collection of books, Quasi al fresco dine area which gives a tremendous hill view, spa and sports courts.

What excites the visitors: The place has thousands of positive reviews from their respected guests for spa and food services.

How to reach: Shimla has good road connections from Delhi or from Chandigarh. 

Cost: The ranges in cost available from INR 25,500 to INR 1,20,000.

Uniqueness: Great flavours of North Indian cuisine makes the vacation more delightful.

Perfect season to visit: Between March to June is the most perfect time to visit this place.

9. Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Taj Hotels

This is situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan built in 1746 by Maharaja Jagat Singh. This place brings you to a different level of relaxation. It Is worth seeing scenery, temples, gardens and much more.

Owner: The Taj Group.

What makes it special: Popularly known as the ‘Venice of the East’, this place gives you eternal peace. This palace has 65 pleasant rooms and 18 grand suites. By looking at the beauty of City Palace, Aravalli hills, Jag mandir and many more, your heart will surely skip a beat.

What excites the visitors: This place is located in the middle of Lake Pichola and this is the main reason for tourists’ attraction. The white infrastructure looks just like snow in the blue water. The food, the bar, the view and the wind, everything brings your mind to extreme tranquility.

How to reach: The Udaipur city is well connected with air, rail and road routes with other major cities of the nation.

Cost: The range of rooms exists between INR 50,000 to INR 4,00,000 per night.

Uniqueness: Traditional Rajasthani cuisine at Neel kamal restaurant is the favourite meal of all the visitors.

Perfect season to visit: September to March is the best season to visit here.

10. Ananda in the Himalayas

Ananda In The Himalayas: 7 Star Hotels In India
Image Source: Ananda Spa

Located in Uttarakhand, this place is designed to give you a rejuvenated mind and peace. The beauty of nature, the sound of relaxing wind and the look of crystal sky fill your heart with calmness.

Owner: The Oberoi Group.

What makes it special: Located in the place known as heaven of the earth, this hotel is more like a wellness centre. The variety of spa therapy and ayurveda treatments to relax the mind is a fabulous thing to see and experience. Apart from this, the activities like tracking, rafting and wildlife safaris are the best way to forget tension.

What excites the visitors: The vast area for the spa is the attraction point for visitors. The location of this place complements the wellness treatment of mind and soul. Various wellness programs like detox, weight management, yoga and much more are here to go through.

How to reach: The property is at a distance of 40 minutes from Dehradun airport.

Cost: The estimated starting rate of this place is INR 37,6000.

Uniqueness: This place offers you the customised ayurveda wellness therapies for stressful life and mind.

Perfect season to visit: November to February is the most pleasant time period to visit this place


Spending days in these nation’s treasures is just like experiencing heaven. The purpose of vacations is to get peace of mind and these staying destinations add more calmness into it. The perfect weather, beauty of nature, aromatic wind, exotic cuisine, lavish rooms, pools , spas and many more qualities of these places give tremendous pleasure.