Top 20 Best Books On Indian History To Read 2020

Books opener sources of information and history books will surely open your senses of imagination. Some of the few books written by renowned authors brought us close to the era which we can clearly see like it is being performed on stage. The words they used for the description of the artifacts or the depiction they use for the jewelry are all worth reading.

Books are the main source of information and these authors are  actively focusing on the work to provide the best and comprehensive yet informative presentation of the word. some of the finest books on Indian history are as follows:

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20 Best Books On Indian History

1. Prehistory and Protohistory of India, by V. K. Jain

An overall structure about the tools, technologies, settlements, patterns of existence including the ecological backgrounds is thoroughly mentioned in this book. A finely appraised book by V. K. Jain will make sure you dwell into the prehistory of India. The book is written in a manner it will depict the archaeological studies in the most refined manner.

It has explained the conducted studies since the past 5 decades and including the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic cultures. This concise yet comprehensive monograph has presented various aspects of tools in a syncretic form. This magnificent book has captured the megalithic culture of the Peninsular and Deccan region and has mentioned a detailed survey on Chalcolithic culture, outside the Harappan zones.

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Prehistory And Protohistory Of India By V.K Jain: Best Books On Indian History

2. Ancient India, by R. C. Majumdar

This book by Ramesh Chandra Majumdar is an example as well as a well-written book to take you in the era of Ancient Indian History while educating you on the points related to the Civilization from the historical point of view. He has divided the book fairly into three divisions where each section has its own better understanding regarding the various sections of society.

The first part of the book has typically laid the foundation of the Prehistoric era extending till 600 B.C. The second part is covering the history from 600 B.C to 300 A.D where he has very well, in a comprehensive manner, given a detailed account of the era. The third part depicts the culture from 300 A.D to 1200 A.D. The major focus of the book was placed on the culture, politics, ecological and religious conditions. The involvement of various expansionists, colonization schemes is also mentioned in this book.

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Ancient India By R.C Majumbar: Best Books On Indian History

3. Ancient History of India, by Charles J. Naegele

This is a book representing the Law code of Manu (Manusmriti/ Manu Dharamshatra) in a fresh relation with the Rigveda. The book has also depicted the relation and the possibilities of the law with the Indus/ Harappan Valley civilization, which existed 4000 to 5000 years ago.

This book has also highlighted the Aryan culture, tradition, knowledge, society, and caste and has in an influential manner clearly stirred the thought that there is almost no possibility that the Aryan Invasion Theory was true. He has thrown light on the re-dating controversy of The Law Code of Manu and on various Indus/Harappan archaeological findings.

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Ancient History Of India By Dr. Charles J. Naegele: Best Books On Indian History

4. A Concise History of South India: Issues and Interpretations, by Noboru Karashima

A complex history narration and the various interpretations during the course of South-Indian history is intriguing. The book has highlighted the events and developments regarding the social culture, reflecting the recent developments. This volume is inhabited with a wide variety of topics from the establishment to configurations.

The book has reflected the enhancements in techniques, social reforms, movements, and industrial growth too. Exploring the East-West Maritime trade and the later Wave of Islamicization, the book has discussed, debated, and engaged the reader with the upbringing and establishment of Ryotwari during the British Rule. Various maps, illustrated figures, politics, defeats, and decline have been included in one content.

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A Concise History Of South India: Best Books On Indian History

5. History of Medieval India: From 1000 AD to 1707 AD, by R. S. Chaurasia.

The Medieval Period, also called the Dark Period of the country is titled in a negative aspect because of India’s lack of involvement in reforms, building, enhancing, and non-progressive stage. While the Ancient Period was known as the golden era, this period was the total opposite.

Although there was a progressive stage seen in the country during this time, the buildings were constructed, literature was brought into significance, art was reformed and revived, the developments took place at a massive scale where famous people like- Kabir, Tulsi, Surdas, Jayasi produced their finest works which are famous till date.

The literature of different cultures was also given importance as a face of fame. Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and various other languages rushed place towards more fame. The book was therefore divided into a). Sultanate Period, b). Mughal Period and c). Period up to 1857.

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History Of Medieval India By R.S Chaurasia: Best Books On Indian History

6. A Textbook Of Medieval Indian History, by Sailendra Nath Sen

Covering the political and the social-economic reforms, this book is has depicted the innovative ideas, cultural segments, and social reforms of the era throwing light on literature, art, language, religion, and architecture. This book has covered the beautiful yet dark era from the 8th to 18th century into words so constructive they are easy to understand.

The book has illustrated the entry of Turks, the establishment of the Delhi Sultanate, the progress of the Maratha Empire including the rule of the Mughal Empire. A plethora of events during the period is clearly written in this book as a guide, especially for children.

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A Textbook Of Medieval Indian History: Best Books On Indian History

7. A History Of Medieval India, by Satish Chandra

Deeply invaded by incoming allies and invading armies, Medieval India was a dark place to be alive. Although various cultural, literature, acts-resets that took place, refining them and defining them in a book through understandable content is a formidable task.

Satish Chandra has very finely distributed his book in sections to define various resets and reforms that took place aligning them with the variety of privacy invasions in the Country. Describing the Cholas, Mughals, Marathas- basically the vast Indian empire into a single book as a compilation in one is the good capability of the author.

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History Of Medieval India By Satish Chandra: Best Books On Indian History

8. History of Modern India, by Bipan Chandra

Published by Orient BlackSwan in 2009, this volume has precisely mixed content for a better understanding of Modern India. This book has mentioned the various factors which lead to the strengthening of the British Empire, not the narration of the British Rule.

This book has told the behind the scenes story of the British Rule, the rules and regulations implemented on Indians by the British, the impact of indirect rule of Europe on India, the impact of those regulations on the Indian farmers, the effects of these on people who were illiterate and needy.

This book was a perfect mixture of impacts and effects of the British Rule and that how colonialism and nationalism were at that time. This book was written after Bipan Chandra’s hard work and own research.

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History Of Modern India By Bipan Chandra: Best Books On Indian History

9. From Plassey To Partition and After, by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

This miraculously well-written book by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay has, in a very dwelling manner, depicted Modern India. This book has defined how Modern India’s history was started with a downfall. The huge factor for the downfall was the Battle of Plassey.

According to history, this battle was the reason the British had the opportunity to take the whole country under their control. The major reason for the downfall was the lack of management and oneness in Indians. This book has explained the mindset and the urge for freedom in Indians during the rule of the British.

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From Plassey To Partition And After: Best Books On Indian History

10. India After Gandhi: The History Of The World’s largest Democracy, By Ramachandra Guha

After intricately researching articles and history, this book was written with utter determination on the various Prime Ministers of India. Life of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi is discussed in the book. The brutal and various saddening that took place for building the country’s roots again were depicted with emotions and words of love. The chronicle has mentioned how the country’s power of people, too many hardships and struggles led towards the healthy building of the country.

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India After Gandhi: Best Books On Indian History

11. In Search Of The Cradle Of Civilizations, By Georg Feuerstein, Subhash Kak and David Frawley

India is a country of cultures and richness. This book is an outcome of dedication, struggle, reading, exploring and findings of three great and renowned scholars made it possible to present such a book to the people. Curiosity and divulgence in highly historical topics is not a common sight. This book has covered various aspects of the “Aryan Invasion”.

According to these scholars, they have proved that there was no Aryan Invasion. However, they proved that India was the “Cradle of Human Civilization” and not Sumer. Examining the wealth, richness, prosperity, cherished culture, spirituality has all depicted their relevance today in today’s world! Exploring Vedas to covering topics like archaeology, astronomy, yoga, and mythology, this book is filled with topics you cannot just leave without finishing.

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In Search Of The Cradle Of Civilization: Best Books On Indian History

12. The Lost River: On The Trail Of Saraswati, By Michel Danino

Saraswati River is still believed to be present there! This book has maintained the interest of its readers till the end by involving them in various evidence and sites that prove it is still there.

Theories, a variety of stories, exploring along the sites have insisted on the presence to be there. This book is equipped with favors that prove the presence and relatable spiritual presence with it. Spirituality and archaeological presence of points and evidence have definitely spoken in their favor.

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The Lost River: Best Books On Indian History

13. Discovering the Vedas, By Frits Staal

The celebrated author has, in his unprecedented guide, shed light on the Vedas. The book has been written with a mention of Mantras and other rituals performed, important for Hindu culture. This book contains the study of Indic Civilization from every aspect possible. Concrete pieces of evidence and Vedic information hasn’t been taken lightly.

This book has information about the oral traditions, the reforms, culture, language, thought process, and even their system of performing these activities. The Vedas exist with the most fascinating texts in the world and Stall has refined his study and compared them to the modern resources and mentions how these texts were so technically and in a modern way, so appropriate and wise.

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Discovering The Vedas By Frits Staal: Best Books On Indian History

14. Chandra Gupta Maurya And His times, By Radhakumud Mookherji

Chandra Gupta Maurya, India’s first Historical Emperor, has been studied in detail by Mookherji for this book. The fascinating work by Radhakumud Mookherji depicts how the Mauryan Empire was lavish and flourished under his control. He has focused on the Indian

Civilization, as early as 4th Century B.C. Drawing material from various resources, the book is equipped with maps, pictures, and texts from them. The classical works during their time, including the works in languages like Sanskrit, Buddhist, and Jaina, and the inscriptions of Asoka are all defined in a precise manner, counting each angle of the variations and visions. The book is filled with administration and management topics too. The kings, ministers, officers, their roles, their actions, the system of justice, the army management, and various other aspects of the rule have been distinguishably discussed in the book.

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ChandraGupta Maurya And His TImes: Best Books On Indian History

15. A Concise History Of Buddhism, by Andrew Skilton

Embracing the thought and communication process, this book is an ideal introduction to the history of Buddhism. During its more than 2,500 years of history, religion has seen various developments in the country. The religion has seen its way pave its way into the roots of Asia and then from Mongolia to Sri Lanka and then from Japan to the Middle East.

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A Concise History Of Buddhism, by Andrew Skilton: Best Books On Indian History

16. Jainism- History, Society, Philosophy, and Practice, by Agustin Paniker

Various traces of the dynamics and development of Jainism have been depicted in this book. Enhancing the features of their mythology, origins, and great figures, this book has portrayed all the activities and forms they practiced. The subdivisions and the religious groups, the book has mentioned their reforms and their scriptures. Other political interactions, rituals, social or cultural are involved in this book.

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Jainism- History, Society, Philosophy, and Practice, by Agustin Paniker: Best Books On Indian History

17. The Ocean Of Churn: How the Indian Ocean Shaped Human History, by Sanjeev Sanyal.

The various explorations of the archaeological sites, ancient inscriptions, and oral histories have been defined in this book. Lesser-known historical figures have been described in this book. Stretching across East-Africa, the Middle-east and the Indian Sub-continent to East Asia and also including Australia.

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The Ocean Of Churn: Best Books On Indian History

18. Annals & Antiquities Of Rajasthan, by James Tod

Rajputs are called the jewels of India. Various social and religious reforms have been distinguishably titled in this book with the practices and their political institutions have been told in a peaceful manner. Their festivals, their clothes, social practices, their legal sources, and their lifestyle have been described in this book with their devotion and aspects of every form.

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Annals And Antiquities Of Rajasthan: Best Books On Indian History

19. The Royal Rajputs: Strange tales and Stranger truths, by Manoshi Bhattacharya

The timeless tale by Manoshi Bhattacharya defines their relationship with people and their society dwelling the readers into their world of Rajputs in real life. It focuses on the power and their ambitions to gain the trust of their people.

It explores the scandals and the intriguing characteristics of the power they were supposed to impose on their people for their safety. The appealing realization about their power in the book has been revealed.

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The Royal Rajputs: Best Books On Indian History

20. The History of Assam, by Edward Albert Gait

A detailed history of the Assam culture is defined in this book with precision. It focuses on religion, language, culture, ethics, and traditions. The book has highlighted the invasion of Mughals in their area and that the people of Assam defeated them. The book has taken real-life inspiration and the traditional routes for writing such an exemplary, fascinating, and comprehensive book.

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A History Of Assam: Best Books On Indian History

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