Top 10 EdTech Companies In India 2021

The classrooms of today have evolved past the clunky computers that were once the norm and are now tech-infused with laptops, online immersive classes, and even robotics that can take notes for students who are sick and record lectures.

This explosion of the EdTech technologies is transforming classrooms in several ways: EdTech software makes it easier for learners to stay engaged by enjoyable modes of learning, IoT devices are praised for their ability to build interactive classrooms for learners, whether they are physically in school, on the bus or at home, even machine learning and blockchain tools aid teachers with grading tests.

Today, India’s EdTech market is the world’s second-largest and is only growing year by year. By 2022, the market is set to hit $3.2 billion. It is one of the sectors that has seen rapid growth in the coronavirus pandemic. The schools and teachers had to focus on technology to begin teaching during the lockdown.

These EdTech companies make studying for their competitive exams easier for students. Many of these EdTech startups target multiple pain points for students and differ in expenses.

Everybody studies in their way and at their own pace. Edtech platform makes it easy for educators to develop individualized lesson plans and learning opportunities that encourage a sense of inclusivity and enhance the learning skills of all students, regardless of their age or learning ability.

Following Are The Listed Top 10 EdTech Companies In India 2021


 Founder of BYJU’s

This EdTech start-up was founded in Bangalore by Byju Raveendran and his partner, Divya Gokulnath. They have even partnered with businesses such as Disney to make learning more enjoyable.

About BYJU’s

Nowadays, The household name for ‘online education’ is Byju’s. Its official name is Think and Learns Private Ltd. company started as a coaching class, Byju’s has developed into one of the world’s largest EdTech businesses. 

To make learning enjoyable, they use immersive video tutorials, customized learner journeys, unlimited practice sessions, and interactive questionnaires. BYJU’s involve classes from Class 4 to CAT or IAS exam preps. UPSC, CBSE NCERT, ICSE, IIT-JEE, and NEET Online Courses.

Fundings and Future Goals

In many English-speaking countries, this EdTech company aims to introduce a curriculum initiative targeting school children. The pandemic has seen Byju’s online learning company become a Decacorn, and also in overseas markets, it is now looking to grow.

It plans to add more subjects in different vernacular languages in India, along with a new development acceleration mentoring program. Since January, the firm has raised over $1 billion, representing the rise in investor interest in Indian EdTech companies as remote learning replaced classrooms in the coronavirus lockdown, sending the company’s value to around $10.8 billion.


Byju’s has seen an increase in demand for its website for students and learners who stay home and participate more in online courses. Six million new students on the platform were introduced to the platform in March and another 7.5 million students in April, most of which were organic. The EdTech start-up will recruit 4,000 more of its employees in the next six months to satisfy this growing need for online courses.

Byju's: Top EdTech Companies In India 2021
Image Source: The Week | Byju Raveendran (CEO And Founder Of BYJU’S)

2. Brainly

Founder of Brainly

Brainly was founded by Michal Borkowski, Lukasz Haluch, and Tomasz Kraus. Along with this, there are some investors of Brainly Runa Capital, Manta Ray, Naspers, and Kulczyk Investments.

About Brainly

Brainly is a knowledge-sharing network that brings together 200 million students and experts to answer problems. The business was founded by Michał Borkowski in Poland in 2009. At present, Brainly is available in 35 countries.

If you’re stuck with a homework problem, within minutes, Brainly can help you solve it. The active user base of Brainly is over 200 million. To date, it has responded to over 50 million requests.

Fundings and Future Goals

In a Series-C funding round led by Naspers, Brainly, the peer-to-peer learning network, has raised $30 million, funding that it aims to use to venture deeper into the US market.

Established in 2009, Brainly is one of several platforms aiming to change the $250 billion global education sector. It has 150 million subscribers, primarily in markets such as the United States, India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, and Poland.

Through the freemium model, where basic peer support is free, Brainly also plans to raise income, but students or parents will spend a few bucks a month to get access to better quality homework responses. 

This new round of fundings also includes Runa Capital and Manta Ray investment, taking the company’s sum raised to $68.5 million (€61.5 million), making it the second best-funded EdTech company in Europe, behind only France’s OpenClassRooms.


With 320 million students in India, the lockdown of schools has played a major role in drawing new users to indulge in online learning. Brainly, a global online learning network for students, appears as the most successful EdTech platform in India, while ed-tech platforms compete to lead the market. In April, Brainly posted the highest website traffic with approximately 25.05 million visitors, comprising 4.19 percent of India’s traffic.

Brainly: EdTech Companies In India 2021
Image Source: Business Insider | Michal Borkowski (Founder Of Brainly)

3. Classplus

Founder of ClassPlus

The Co-founders of ClassPlus are Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal. The investors are Rising Stars, Manish Amin, Pallav Pandey (co-founder Knowlarity, Broex), Chavi Jafa (Head-Business Solutions, S. Asia, Visa)

About ClassPlus

Classplus, which was originally released as Xprep in 2015, has had over 25,000 users. Classplus is an Edtech start-up focused on developing the full management structure of the institute. Classplus works to support these institutes, as Indian education is highly dependent on coaching courses. The software makes running a coaching institute simpler with features such as smart attendance, informative student reports, online video trading, fee logs, online assessments, and more.

The start-up also lets parents keep track of the success of their child. They are a 25-person team today and have raised undisclosed funds from Rising Stars, a VC group, and other angel investors.

Fundings and Future Goals

Over the 7 rounds, Classplus raised a combined amount of $14 Million in support. In the post-Series A round, Classplus will be priced at approximately Rs 300 crore. Comparisons will be made between the last round of funding and the type of round of funding to be used. 

Classplus currently has more than 500,000 subscribers on its site and more than 3000 students. Classplus is setting stuff to collect a $73 crore sum. Blume Ventures, Spiral Ventures, Strive Investment Alliance, and Sequoia Surge Ventures will be leading it. An amount of about Rs. 30.16 crores has been scheduled to be invested by RTP Global. Although a quantity of Rs. 15.08 crores were scheduled for Surge Projects.

In the areas of knowledge and learning, the goal of Classplus is to bring improvement in the life of a child. It’s also targeted at supplying its customers with more new options. That simplifies tutoring. It has seen a lot of downloads, and in various forms and areas, the team is going towards earning more.


If there is one group of start-ups who are capitalizing on the need for social distancing, the edu-tech vertical is quickly expanding. For its part, ClassPlus has gone all guns blazing on the funding, raking in Series-A financing of $9 million. The organization now wants to invest in productivity and has no intentions to decrease the current workforce.

Classplus: EdTech Companies In India 2021
Image Source: YourStory

4. CollegeDunia

Founder of Collegedunia

The founder of Collegedunia is Sahil Chalana. The investors are Gray Matters Capital and M Chandrasekaran.

About Collegedunia

This college search engine allows learners to choose the best universities for themselves. Established in 2014, this platform collects data on higher education in India or abroad. CollegeDunia works on helping students get enough details about functioning through technology.

Since 2014, CollegeDunia has collected credible data from 27,000 schools, 7,000+ classes, 350+ separate streams of examinations. To help students make smarter choices, they have also received 2,00,000 ratings from various schools. 

Fundings and Future Goals

The start-up recently earned $444K (INR 3 Cr) from its current investor Umang Kumar, co-founder, and CEO of, in the pre-Series A round of investment. Before this, in November 2014, it raised $147K (INR 1 Cr) in angel funding from Umang Kumar.

At the end of this year, the organization is planning to raise its college database to 30,000. Besides, it expects to open a ‘study abroad’ segment fast enough due to the large demand for international education. 

It also plans to expand its support staff, so that it will carry the counseling process online and assist more students before acceptance with real-time counseling. The organization essentially strives to create a systematic route for students, ensuring that their end-to-end needs are fulfilled.

As 38 percent of their traffic comes from there, they are currently focusing on the development of their smartphone app. Only after bootstrapping for six months, CollegeDunia raised ~1 crore in angel funds.


In the EdTech industry out there, Collegedunia is developing an effective and talented workforce to solve new issues and challenges. Coping with advanced technology and formulating goods and services in conjunction with these technologies is what is required right now. They are now a 350-member core team, which is rising at an exponential rate.

Collegedunia: Top EdTech Companies In India 2021
Image Source: BW Education

5. CueMath

Founder Of CueMath

The Founder is Manan Khurma and some investors are Google, Sequoia India, Unitus Seed Fund, and Alok Mittal.

About CueMath

Cuemath is an ed-tech enterprise that was established as an after-school math enrichment program in 2013. Cuemath is one of India’s Edtech startups that focuses on gamified learning and has revolutionized the way both teachers and students review mathematics. It’s got a ‘learn-by-doing’ technique. It also aims to inspire ‘out of the box’ thought and passion among school kids for math.

Manan Khurma, who is also a renowned writer for McGraw Hill publications, founded Cuemath. Cuemath further empowers and offers valuable job options for female tutors. By the time this article was published, Cuemath had over 1200 educators. 

Fundings And Future Goals

After nearly three years of increasing its Series B funding round, Cuemath is back in the funding market. The company is collecting INR 38.82 Cr ($5.45 Mn) from its current and new investors, extending the same round. Before 2019, the company had raised $5.5 million in series B funding.

As the math experts, the founder of cuemath said their goal is to lead the way in building children’s mathematical thought to enable them to become the problem solvers and innovative thinkers of the future.

The company’s website reveals that, with over 40K students studying with them, it has allowed over 2 Mn math classes. By using math worksheets and application-based programming under the guidance of qualified and accredited instructors, Cuemath supports students.


A home-based math learning network in India is being developed by Delhi-based Cuemath. Cuemath has now reached its target of expanding to 5,000 centers by 2018, with 2,000 centers in nine cities, as well as expanding to Tier II and III cities.

Cuemath supports women’s equality through operating from home.

Home employment options are perfect for women who are unable to follow a regular 9 to 5 job for any reason or have willingly chosen to leave their jobs to have more time for their families and kids.

At Cuemath, by either teaching math to KG-6th grade students from their families or teaching them from every part of the world through an online math learning system, women can opt to re-start their careers.

CueMath: Edtech Companies In India 2021
Image Source: Business Alligators | Manan Khurma (Founder Of CueMath)

6. Extra Marks

Founder of Extramarks

The founder of extra marks is Atul Kulshreshtha and the major investor is Reliance Strategic Investments.

About Extramarks

Extramarks, with a worldwide presence, is among the fastest-growing instructional technology firms. It was founded in 2009 in Noida, India. Several applications have been introduced by Extra Points. For CBSE students, it introduced Extramarks Smart Research in 2015. 

They also have a preparation app for IIT JEE that enables students to take mock exams. More than 9000 schools have joined up with Extramark, catering to over 8 million students online. Tyton Global Growth-50 rated them among the top Global 50 Education Firms of 2018. 

Fundings and Future Goals

In 2011, Mukesh Ambani purchased a 38.5 percent interest in the business. To extend their presence, they have collaborated with BSNL, Samsung, and Intel, among others. 

As a rising race of tech-savvy learners looks to digital home-based learning to complement school work, the K-12 eLearning app from Extramarks has become the go-to destination to better prepare not just for tests, but for life after school – by helping to clarify concepts in a crystal clear way.

Extramarks expands on its momentum by launching IIT-JEE, NEET, CA Base, and Science Experiments apps. Customer demand for the Learning App is gradually increasing to help the business reach an estimated monthly sales of Rs 25 crore. 

Aided by a rapidly expanding market, the company expects to soon surpass the monthly sales target of Rs 100 crore. In this exciting, quickly changing market, such figures provide a convincing case for the Learning App to become a leader.


Extramarks has hired 1,500 staff to its counseling team and opened 40 new offices throughout India to accommodate this need. To further grow into new countries, it also plans to recruit at least another 1.500 employees.

ExtraMarks: EdTech Companies In India
Image Source | Atul Kulshrestha (Founder Of ExtraMarks)

7. FlipClass

Founder of FlipClass

FlipClass, currently one of its kind in India, is an online e-commerce tutoring site. It was founded in Bengaluru by Vineet Dwivedi in 2012. 

About FlipClass

FlipClass is one of India’s Edtech start-ups that enables tuition seekers to encounter tutors who are prepared to offer that service. They act as a match-maker between a student and a teacher.

An intricate model for onboarding new tutors on its platform is used by FlipClass. Just 9 out of every 100 candidates were willing to circumvent the screening criterion, the organization says. Besides, as a teacher gives more tuitions, on the FlipClass website, his/her recommendations and ratings begin to increase. This helps the right tutors to narrow down the pupils. With students ranging from pre-primary to higher education, FlipClass caters to an international audience.

Fundings and Future Goals

Initially, FlipClass raised INR 1.5 Cr from the LetsVenture online fundraising site. As a company’s mission is to support quality education, we also learn of the many challenges that children and parents face. Addiction is one of the modern-day challenges we hear about these days; smartphone and tv addiction. This organization turns the addiction into a smart way.


In a way that elevates learning and growth from the tool, Flipclass adds real smart people to e-learning that not only makes the workers happier but transforms learning into the strategic advantage of the company.

Flipclass: Top Edtech Companies In India 202
Image Source: Business Standard | Vineet Dwivedi (Founder Of FlipClass)

8. GradeUp

Founders of GradeUp

Gradeup is also one of India’s EdTech companies and is a curator of learning material for competitive examinations such as JEE and NEET. It was established under the parent GradeStack Learning Pvt Ltd in 2015 by Shobhit Bhatnagar, Vibhu Bhushan, and Sanjeev Kumar.

About GradeUp

Since 2015, Gradeup has concentrated on making use of data analytics across all channels to improve their customer interaction. By applying data science to further help students maximize their results, the organization plans to further develop its capabilities. 

Presently, it has a presence in 2,500 cities, and confidently claims 13 million monthly active users. Currently, Gradeup invests significantly in enhancing its program and ensuring a greater degree of involvement with its students.

Fundings and Future Goals

Gradeup, a Delhi-NCR-based ed-tech site, has announced that it has raised USD 7 million in a new investment round from India’s largest digital goods firm, Times Internet. The company’s total funding comes to USD 10 million with this funding.

The business aims to spend the funds in upgrading its infrastructure and product skills, increasing the academic staff to 100 faculty and 200 subject matter specialists, as well as extending its presence to cities of Tier II, III, IV.

Other possibilities are still eyed by Gradeup. It launched GoPrep in January, an online learning app focused on students in grades 8 to 12. Five million people count on GoPrep.

Workforce And Highlights

Gradeup, India’s exam preparation website, has now released its recruiting figures for different roles in the lockdown after recording substantial registrations during the current quarter. At a time when other corporations have been laid off their workforce or have paused recruiting because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Gradeup’s recruitment numbers serve as a silver lining. From 330 in March to 585 workers during Q2 2020, the platform has almost doubled its headcount.

More than 100 faculty members roped into the EdTech platform and hired over 150 staff in the department of technology & distribution. In the next year, the brand aims to expand the recruiting process for other domains.

This will also include the commodity division, while at the same time scaling up onboarding and sales on the academic front. Gradeup has fully digitized the recruiting process with training sessions now held across interactive platforms.

At leading Edtech firms, there are reportedly nearly 12,000 active positions for permanent job positions at all ranks. Besides, based on increased demand, there are over 90,000 contracted or gig vacancies around Edtech businesses ramping up operations.

GradeUp: Edtech Companies In India 2021
Image Source | Shobhit Bhatnagar, Sanjeev Kumar, and Vibhu Bhushan (Co-founders of Gradeup)

9. Vedantu

Founder of Vedantu 

The founders of Vedantu, Vamsi Krishna, Anand Prakash, and Pulkit Jain, made their first educational venture, Lakshya, in 2006, which was later purchased in 2012 by a listed firm called MT Educare (Mahesh Tutorials). The founders taught and mentored more than 10,000 students as part of Lakshya, and educated more than 200 teachers.

About Vedantu

Vedantu is an EdTech site where educators provide students with live online tuitions, utilizing an in-house developed infrastructure. It is said that it runs on an instructor marketplace model, where learners can opt to learn from an online mentor of their choosing. At present, the start-up offers services in India and the Middle East to ICSE and CBSE students from grades 4 to 12.

Fundings and Future Goals

Vedantu said $100 million (about 752 crores) in funding was raised, led by Coatue, a US-based investment company. Vedantu’s valuation has been raised to $600 million by the series D round, which saw participation from established investors as well. The cumulative fundraise of Vedantu has reached $200 million. Investors including Tiger Global Management, Accel Partners, Omidyar Network, TAL, and WestBridge Capital have raised money from the company.

Vedantu aims to use the funds to build brand leadership and extend early childhood and lower grade learning into new categories (kindergarten to class V). As it achieves 4 times growth this year, Vedantu is also pursuing opportunities to scale impact.


Vedantu is aiming to build at least 3,000 new jobs over the next year, primarily in the fields of technology, services, and advertising. It is estimated that they would double their headcount.

Vedantu: Edtech Companies In India
Image Source: TechCircle | Vamsi Krishna, Anand Prakash, and Pulkit Jain (Cofounders Of Vedantu)

10. Toppr

Founders of Toppr

To provide online education to students from grades 5 to 12, Toppr, an Edtech startup in India, was established. It was founded in 2013 in Mumbai by Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Goteti. 

About Toppr

Toppr offers, among other tests, preparatory courses for boards, JEE, NEET, AIIMS, CLAT. It currently has more than 10 million enrolled students on its website.

“In June 2018, Toppr was named one of the recipients of the “Best 50 Multinational Education Firms” Tyton Global Development Awards. To evaluate student behavior, it has made effective use of technology like AI and machine learning and has evolved accordingly. 

Fundings and Future Goals

Toppr has raised capital of around $35 million and is eyeing a greater market share. Toppr originated as a website that helped students prepare for competitive exams that characterized the final years of school. 

The start-up managed to create a cogent e-learning platform that not only rescued learners from the confusion of physical notes, exam sheets, guidebooks, and whatever but also helped them train for around 60 top entry exams, from IIT-JEE and AIIMS to BITSAT and more.

With 6.6 million monthly sessions being clocked, the reported user base has grown to 7 million across smartphones and desktops. Now home to two million instructional resources, Toppr plans to hit three million by 2020. It has answered more than 4 million doubts and has seen more than 3 million measurements taken to date on its website.


More than 35 lakh learning items, including questions, answers, ideas, games, and videos for the students, has been submitted by Toppr’s group of 50,000+ educators from across the world. Their investment in Toppr also represents the devotion to inspiring outstanding teachers through the new School OS. There are now 55,000+ learners on the new School OS.

More than 13 million customers have been collected by Toppr’s Learning software, more than 150,000 of which pay subscriptions. The start-up has also focused in recent months on a new app named School OS, which helps a school to digitize its learning experience. An employee can digitally allocate and gather assignments via School OS, and students can attend live classes.

Toppr: EdTech Companies In India 2021
Image Source: Business World | Zishaan Hayath (Founder Of Toppr)


These are the top EdTech companies in India. They advocate what it takes to research and redefine how learners understand. It can make everybody’s education easy and realistic.

India is poised to be the largest target market for online education in a few years. The sudden school closure due to Covid-19 has accelerated India’s already changing education environment. In the years to come, the market has enormous promise, which is why buyers are rushing to get a piece of the pie before it’s too late. It’s a good year in India for online educational startups!

Besides, these startups help students discover the excitement of new knowledge being discovered. Thus, helping them develop the learning habit, which is a talent that can assist them for a long time.