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Organizations embracing digital transformation face network and application visibility challenges, regardless of the next-generation platforms involved in such transitions. NETSCOUT provides organizations with the flexibility to deploy the InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) appliance’s technology in a manner best-suited to specific infrastructure, visibility requirements, and budgetary goals.


Freedom to Choose

Interface and expanded storage options effectively address unique network speeds, desired processing performance, and capacity requirements thanks to flexible packet monitoring solutions.

Cost-Effective Visibility

Software-based instrumentation supports strategic and budget-conscious deployment on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.

A Perfect Fit

ISNG models support any environment, ranging from the network edge, small remote facilities, satellite offices, and disaster recovery locations, to the data center core.

Extended Value

NETSCOUT nGenius solutions use smart data derived from scalable deep packet inspection and synthetic transactions for single pane of glass analysis to reduce MTTR

Flexible Financing and Deployment Options for Performance Monitoring

As businesses scale and evolve, NETSCOUT helps customers maximize their investments with agile solutions designed to grow with their network. NETSCOUT’s deployment options provide industry-best flexibility for strategic deployment throughout enterprise, government, commercial, and service provider networks.

NETSCOUT's nGenius Vantage Point Software subscription solution helps eliminate blind spots and increase visibility. By strategically leveraging instrumentation across the network in a cost-effective way, nGenius Vantage Point Software supports digital transformations and continued business growth.

The subscription includes InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) software appliances, vSTREAM virtual appliances, the nGeniusONE solution, as well as MasterCare support for the term of the subscription. NETSCOUT’s flexible CapEx and OpEx financing options help organizations fulfill their unique business needs.

ISNG Hardware Appliance
Certified InfiniStreamNG Software Appliance
Qualified InfiniStreamNG Software Appliance
nGenius Vantage Point Software
ISNG Hardware Appliance
ISNG Hardware Appliance

Traditional integrated, turn-key hardware/software solution purchased from and maintained by NETSCOUT. Simplifies deployment and enables fastest time to operation.

  • Purpose-built platform for ISNG software delivering deployment, administration, and maintenance efficiencies. Hardware components are selected for and matched to NETSCOUT ISNG software. Entire system is optimized for performance and stability.
  • NETSCOUT’s ISNG software and hardened NETSCOUT operating system provide enhanced security and optimal performance and availability.
  • Platform firmware updates delivered with ISNG software releases.
  • Integrated platform monitoring provides monitoring and alerting from nGeniusONE®.
  • NETSCOUT provides MasterCare support for the full system.
Certified InfiniStreamNG Software Appliance
Certified Software Appliance

“Unbundled” version of NETSCOUT’s traditional appliance with lower TCO. Software kit is purchased from NETSCOUT and includes NETSCOUT’s ASI Accelerator NIC.

  • The hardware is purchased from NETSCOUT’s certified contract manufacturer and is the same optimized, purpose-built platform as the ISNG hardware appliances. Unique part numbers for the hardware ensure that the configuration is correct and complete.
  • Optional integration of the COTS software kit and the ASI NIC by the contract manufacturer means minimal customer integration is required.
  • Certified Software Appliance offers 100% performance parity with ISNG hardware appliances and the configuration is optimized for performance and availability.
  • NETSCOUT’s ISNG software and hardened NETSCOUT operating system provide enhanced security and optimal performance and availability.
  • Platform firmware updates delivered with ISNG software releases.
  • Integrated platform monitoring provides monitoring and alerting from nGeniusONE.
  • NETSCOUT provides MasterCare support for the full system.
Qualified InfiniStreamNG Software Appliance
Qualified Software Appliance

ISNG Software deployed on commercially available servers from Dell & HPE. ISNG software kit including an ASI Accelerator NIC is purchased from and supported by NETSCOUT. Server hardware and support are purchased separately from the third-party hardware vendor.

  • Accommodates organizations that have standardized on Dell or HPE platforms in their data centers, with ISNG software running on a recommended “off-the-shelf” server configuration tested and qualified for use with NETSCOUT’s software.
  • Customer integration is required. Customer is responsible for installing the ASI NIC and software on the server hardware.
  • Enhanced security and functionality is provided by the same NETSCOUT hardened OS.
  • NETSCOUT MasterCare support covers the ISNG software and the ASI Accelerator NIC. Customer is responsible for maintenance/support for the qualified server.
nGenius Vantage Point Software
nGenius Vantage Point Software

The nGenius Vantage Point Software Subscription solution combines NETSCOUT instrumentation with nGeniusONE Performance Management software. This cost-effective solution enables organizations to eliminate blind spots across their infrastructure caused by digital transformations.

  • All the visibility and analysis power of nGeniusONE®, InfiniStreamNG®, and vSTREAMs in a software subscription.
  • Investment flexibility with the nGenius Vantage Point Software as an option for operational expense purchase.
  • Support for enough nGeniusONE instances to support up to 1000 APUs of instrumentation which can be deployed as physical, software-based units or as virtual instrumentation.
  • MasterCare support for the term of the subscription is included for the software and any NETSCOUT branded instrumentation.
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