Juli Lbr Bio: Facts About YouTuber Dhruv Rathee’s Girlfriend

Who Is Juli Lbr

Juli Lbr is the girlfriend of famous Indian youtuber Dhruv Rathee. She was born in Germany. Just like Dhruv, she is also a video creator.

According to her instagram profile, it looks like she is a medical student and part time camerawoman.


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Juli Lbr Bio

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Juli Lbr’s Birth

Juli was born on 8th February. Her birthplace is Germany and her sun sign as per her birth date is Aquarius.

Juli Lbr’s Career

Professionally, Juli is a video creator and a medical student. She also works as a part time camera person. She is a good youtuber and earns her livelihood by creating videos for her YouTube channel and by appearing in some vlogs of Dhruv.

Juli Lbr And Dhruv Rathee’s Relationship

There is no such information about Juli’s family, but she is in a relationship with Indian youtuber Dhruv Rathee for the last 8 years. By judging both of their social media profiles, it looks that their bond is so strong and they are together till the end.

Juli posts only the photos in which Dhruv is there with her. Their relationship is public and all the people know about them. Dhruv uploaded a video on 9th August, 2020, in which he showed Juli for the first time.


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In an interview with Ranveer in TRS, Dhruv described the changes he felt after Juli came into his life.

He said, “So many people think that love and relationships only spoil your career. You cannot become anything having a partner with you. Girlfriend and boyfriend is a thing in which a person should enter after achieving all the goals of life and with an adequate amount of finance. But people don’t know that if you have chosen the right partner, then he/she will develop you in all aspects of life. If you are with the correct person, then you will automatically be responsible and will start understanding your desires, goals and all other hardships.”

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Dhruv and Juli belong to the exact opposite religion, atmosphere, culture and tradition. After all these differences, they love and respect each other unconditionally. Their relationship gives a message that no matter how different your cultures are, if you have a strong connection of trust, respect, love and care, then your relationship will last long forever.