Best 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas In India 2020

What comes first to our mind when we hear the term business? Manufacturing business right! So,

What is a manufacturing business?

A manufacturing business, in simple terms, is the making of finished products with the help of components, raw materials, and parts.

Further, It is well known that if a manufacturing business is implemented in the right way, it might earn a great fortune to the businessperson. Still, on the other hand, there were many manufacturing business ideas that were expected to work out but they didn’t.

Why did they fail?

The answer is plain and simple. The problem could have been the product itself, not the implementation!

What does it mean?

It solely means that the product which was being manufactured was not in-demand or was already having a lot of competitors of huge reputation. Either way, the chances of a successful business are reduced.

Thus, it might be a huge difficulty for a person to identify which product to manufacture and which ones are in high demand.

Don’t worry! We can simplify the task for you.

Right now, we are going to list some of the best products that you could manufacture. Manufacturing of these products might require some investment in the initial stages but could help you earn huge profits over the years.

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10 Manufacturing Business Ideas In India 2020

1. Organic Farming

Expected Initial Investment: Approx. Rs.60,000-Rs.100,000 per month (land on lease)

About the business

Organic farming is a practice of cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way that the soil remains alive and in good health. It makes wide use of organic wastes such as crops, animal manures, off-farm organic waste, etc, and avoids the use of synthetic materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, additives, hormones and etc.

Why choose this business?

Isn’t it true that much of the country’s population is shifting towards organic food due to the inaccessibility of good quality food?

Thus, organic food is the need of the hour and organic farming could help fulfill those needs.

What do I require to start this business?

Organic farming has requirements similar to that of normal farming. The investment might be a bit higher but the business can be a huge profit in the long run.


  • Area of about 30-40 acres to operate the business on a good scale.
  • A decent number of farmers at the land.
  • The management of crops should be under the NOP (National Organic Program) policy.
  • Pest and disease management standards have to be matched.  
Organic Farming: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India
Image Source: TheBetterIndia

2. Personalized Gift Items

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.20,000- Rs.30,000

About the business

Personalized mugs, t-shirts, pillows, covers, etc. come under the segment of personalized gift items. These items have to be specially curated as per the customer needs.

Why choose this business?

People love to give gifts to their friends, family, and relatives. Gifts are required for all sorts of occasions be it a birthday or a festival. These are the ones responsible for a lot of smiles. Aren’t they?

With such high demand, won’t it be relatively easier to make this business successful?     

What do I require to start this business?

Personalized gift items business could be easily started at home. Also, the business does not require a huge initial investment and could be the best pick for the people looking for a low investment business.


  • Business logo and name
  • A location that suits best for the business
  • Purchasing equipment such as paints, threads, paper, pens, etc.
  • Massive promotion 

Personalized Gift Items: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

3. Pickle Making

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.20,000-Rs.30,000

About the business

Pickle making is the preparation of varieties of pickles with the help of different sorts of raw materials and ingredients. Pickles aren’t loved only in India but are also in huge demand in various other countries. 

Why choose this business?

Pickles are one of the most beloved Indian foods. Moreover, the demand for pickles is increasing in foreign countries as well.

What do I require to start this business?

If you want to opt for a small and safe business, pickle making could be the right option.


  • Varieties of pickle making ingredients such as vinegar, salt, dill, water, oil, and garlic.
  • Different sorts of fruits and vegetables such as mango, carrot, lemon, cucumber, etc.
  • The pickles should be manufactured under the licenses and legal formalities such as FSSAI and shop act.
Pickle Making: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India
Image Source

4. Artificial Jewelry

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.100,000+

About the business

Artificial Jewelry business is the manufacturing of jewelry made up of inexpensive metals and gemstones. 

Why choose this business?

Women love to wear jewelry. Don’t they?

So, why not manufacture the jewelry that does not make a hole in the pocket, looks elegant, and could be loved by every lady. 

What do I require to start this business?

Artificial Jewelry requires a high capital investment and the sector has a lot of competition already.


  • A good business plan with the type of artificial jewelry in mind.
  • A good name and logo for the business
  • Supplies that are required to manufacture jewelry such as fabric, beads, plastic, wood, threads, etc. 
  • Proper marketing through offline mediums and online platforms.

Artificial Jewelry: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

5. Ice Cream Cones

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.400,000+

About the business

Ice cream cones are manufactured with the help of a machine that can produce 48,000 cones per 8 hours. A single machine costs around Rs.200,000. The business could initially be started with 2 machines and could be extended later on as per the demand.  

Why choose this business?

Ice creams are loved by everyone be it a toddler or an adult. Thus, the demand for ice-creams has always been high and will keep on exponentially increasing. Also, the summer season which lasts the longest in India could yield a lot of profit to the businessperson.

Thus, who would not like to manufacture those crispy, tasty, in-demand ice cream cones?  

What do I require to start this business?

Cones business requires huge patience as the results are observed with time.


  • Registering the business and licensing
  • Ice cream cone making machine
  • Skilled and experienced workforce
  • Raw materials such as wheat flour, cornflour, and sugar
Ice Cream Cones: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India
Image Source: Step Toward Business

6. Papad Making

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.25,000-Rs.30,000

About the business

Papads are accompanied by most of the meals throughout India. A lot of experiments can also be carried out with the traditional papads to offer a new variety to the consumers and outshine the competitors. 

Why choose this business?

Papads are accompanied with almost every meal in India. Thus, the demand always remains high and keeps on exponentially increasing. Also, the business could be easily started with small capital investment to ensure safety and reduce risk.

Why not grab such a business whose product is always in-demand in the market? 

What do I require to start this business?

Papad making business might be having a huge competition but starting it as a small scale business and gradually expanding it upon results might be a good move. 


  • Papad making machinery
  • Raw materials such as pulse flour, spices, edible oil, and packaging consumables
  • Proper marketing strategy 

Papad Making: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

7. Ladies Footwear

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.500,000-Rs.10,000,00

About the business

Ladies footwear includes shoes, sandals, heels, slippers, etc. Manufacturing them is to produce the most fancy looking, elegant, and cost effective footwear in the segment.

Manufacturing ladies’ footwear business isn’t that easy. There are a lot of risks involved due to the high competition in the market. Thus, a strong heart and proper execution are highly required to make the business successful. Also, the footwear is manufactured through machines and raw materials such as leather, textiles, plastic, rubber, synthetics, foam, etc.

Why choose this business?

Ladies love to dress beautifully, look beautiful, and feel beautiful. That’s why they love shopping. Don’t they?

Also, their love for fancy footwear is never-ending and we all have observed a lot of fancy footwear pairs in their racks.

So, why not grab the opportunity to provide them the best of the footwear through this manufacturing business?

However, the business might be a bit expensive but fashionable footwear is always in-demand which might make the business a great success.

What do I require to start this business?

Undoubtedly, starting ladies’ manufacturing requires a huge capital investment but the business could be a massive profit upon becoming a success.


  • Footwear manufacturing machinery
  • Raw materials such as leather, textiles, plastic, rubber, synthetics, foam, etc.
  • Udyog Aadhar
  • Business registration with ROC
  • Trade license from the local municipal authority
  • Trademark registration
  • Taxes registration
  • Trademark registration
  • ISO 9001 certification

Ladies Footwear: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

8. Paper Bags

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.500,000-Rs.700,000 (Fully-auto machine) or Rs. 200,000-Rs.300,000 (Semi-auto machine)

About the business

Paper bags are an alternative to plastic bags. Manufacturing of these bags was started to eliminate the use of plastic bags that are harmful to the environment. The automatic paper bag manufacturing machine produces around 14500 pieces per hour and the production through semi-auto machines depends upon the amount of workforce involved.   

Why choose this business?

Companies are shifting towards better and more eco-friendly items. Thus, the demand for paper bags is increasing rapidly. Nowadays, individuals are concerned about the environment at well which could become a cherry on top of the business.

Thus, the opportunity can be easily grabbed which could make up a huge profit for the businessperson and could be beneficial for the environment too.

What do I require to start this business?

The main focus of this business should be the quality of the paper bags being manufactured. Better the quality, higher the business reputation.


  • Location to set-up the manufacturing unit
  • Raw materials to manufacture paper such as paper sheets, eyelets, laces, polyester, etc.
  • Labour
  • Udyog Aadhar
  • GST number
  • BIS certificate  

Paper Bags: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

9. Candles

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.20,000-Rs.30,000

About the business

Candle making business could be a part-time or a full-time business according to one’s own individual preferences. These candles provide a spark for weddings, festivals, and romantic meetings. Making of candles requires wax, embed ribbons, molds, dyes, fragrances, additives, luster spray, etc. 

Why choose this business?

Candles are used in parties, festivals, weddings, restaurants, etc. Thus, the demand for candles is always high and becomes even higher during the festive seasons. Also, low investment and high returns make it a win-win situation as well.

Why not take up a business with such a high probability of winning?  

What do I require to start this business?

The business is well known for its pocket friendly nature. Along with being pocket friendly, it could also generate some really good revenues for the business holders.


  • Candle making machine (Manual, Semi-auto, Auto)
  • Raw materials such as paraffin wax, wick, yarn, molds, colors, decorative items, and fragrances
  • Proper market research and a good business project plan
  • Trade license
  • GST registration

Candle Making: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

10. Home-Made Cookies

Expected Initial Investment: Rs.40,000-Rs.50,000

About the business

Sweet delicacies are loved by most of the Indians. Exceptionally curated home-made cookies could be a victory for a small business as people love to try something new. Also, there is a wider target audience which includes both children and adults. Making cookies involve the use of raw materials such as wheat flour, sugar, ghee, yeast, etc. 

Why choose this business?

Cookies are loved by the major population of the country ranging from children to adults. Also, cookies are well-known to provide a beautiful sensation to the tastebuds.

Hence, why not test the taste buds and the choice of society? 

What do I require to start this business?

Starting this business requires a whole lot of creativity along with a precise taste for quality.


  • Biscuit making machinery
  • Raw materials such as wheat flour, sugar, ghee, yeast, edible colors, flavors, milk powder salt
  • Analysis of the market
  • Registration of the business
  • Registration with state ROC 
  • Udyog Aadhar
  • Trade license and GSTIN
  • FSSAI registration and BIS certification

Home-Made Cookies: Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

Concluding Thoughts

Any of the above business ideas, if executed in the right direction could be a global success. 

It is however advised to start gradually with a small scale business and move on to a large scale business by learning through the experiences. Through this formula, the risk of losing the entire money becomes low and it becomes easier to manage the company while ensuring the company’s stability.

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