Top 10 Startup Accelerators In India 2021

Fundraising is a crucial factor which determines the success of any start-up and if not received on time the start-up is left with no option but to finish it.

Start-ups are backed up on an initial level by angel investors, around the world, where groups or a network of investors invest in the start-up which they find potential.

Investors actually open up opportunities and market strategies through a unique perspective to the early stage start-up and help them raise funds.

After years of experience in the start-up ecosystem, the investors open the doors to several start-ups, look into them and help them raise a fund but with a risk.

Following Are The Most Active Start-Up Accelerators In India

1. Indian Angel Network 

Location: New Delhi, India

Area of Concern: Investment fund in potential start-ups, IT/ITES, Internet/Web, Media and Entertainment, Alternative Energy, Cloud Computing.

Founded in April 2006 by Alok Mittal, India Angel network initially invested in businesses that were potential of creating disproportionate values. IAN is a SEBI registered fund, at an early stage, including over 470 investors from almost 11 countries.

The company brings together favourably prosperous entrepreneurs from the country and around the world who are interested to invest in early-stage ventures or start-ups.

Indian Angel network is a vast network providing uninterrupted access in terms of advising or mentoring as well as keeping an eye on inputs on the strategy and the execution.

The network largely focuses on the successful entrepreneurs and CEO because of their massive experience in the field to evaluate the potentials and the risks at early stages.


With the total of 120 investments, the company has managed to involve 53 lead investments. The network recently raised a total of ₹10.5 Billion across their three funds, latest from Indian Angel Network Maiden Fund. The company runs a venture capital fund which has raised over $33.2 Million since its establishment, VC Fund’s, in 2017.

Helping Aid To Start-Ups

Indian Angel network has invested in ventures across various sectors like manufacturing, biotech, water, agritech, cyber security and cleantech. The company’s key investments include Dhruva, Box8, Faballey, Little Black Book, Sapience Analytics, IndiaCollegeSearch, Mukunda Foods.

Indian Angel Network

2. 100 X.VC

Location: New Delhi

Area of Concern: Investment using iSAFE notes in early startups.

It was founded in June 2019 by Sanjay Mehta and Shadhank Randev. 100X.VC is a  SEBI registered investment advisor and Category 1 AIF. The venture capital partner is sponsored by Mehta Ventures, The family office investment arm of Sanjay Mehta.

The VC partner helps their portfolio companies in raising their growth capital with their founder engagement to help them scale. 100X VC is the first venture capital investing in early start of using India SAFE notes. The company inspires to engage with every stakeholder and values the relationship with founders, co-investors and corporations.

The company engages with founders to help them get close to the next funding round and beyond while becoming their strategic consultant, business mentor, coach and advisor to engage with every stakeholder and value the relationship with founders, co-investors and corporations. According to BuiltWith, VC partner is using 41 Technologies for their website including Viewport Meta, iPhone or mobile compatible and SPF. 


The VC partner has provided the start-ups a capital of ₹2.5 Million using the iSAFEnote. They believe that the founders at a seed stage needs to be guided, mentored and prepared before scaling up. The team aims to fund 100 start-ups every year. They have made a total number of 15 investments with 11 lead investments. The recent one took place on 20th October 2020 where Solvio raised $34k in the pre-seed funding round. 

Helping Aid To Different Start-Ups

SAWO Labs, The Renal Project, Data Sutram, Pickright, etc.

100X VC

3. 9Unicorns

Location: Mumbai 

Area of Concern: They are concerned in accelerating their investments in start-ups from smaller Indian towns and cities who are emerging as the hotspots of innovation after better internet connectivity and rise in the number of users. Their areas of concern also include technology and leisure infrastructure sectors.

Providing acceleration to early age start-ups, 9Unicorns has supported many start-ups. The platform has provided the start-ups an access to a vast network of triumphant founders, leaders in several categories, seasoned Angel investors and partners of the Global venture capital funds.

They provide strength and focus with a hand in support ecosystem for the start-ups and every company receives an acceleration support for 3 months with a post investment support for 18 month.

9unicorns is backed up by several Global LPs from over 10 countries, larger organisations like the OPG group, MBD group, UB cotton, top executives from LinkedIn, Quest global, AB InDev, etc.


9unicorns is one of the top startup accelerator in India who made 32 deals in the maiden year. They invest up to $100k for a 5 to 7% equity per start-up depending upon the idea. The company invested over ₹240 crore with Sequoia Surge, Titan Capital, SOSV, Lightspeed, Matrix Partners and Nexus Ventures through syndication. 

Helping Aid To Different Start-Ups

Beardo, Few FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) startups.


4. Axilor

Location: Bengaluru 

Area of Concern: Axilor ventures focus on investments across sectors like consumer internet, Enterprise SAAS, Healthcare Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Industrial IoT.

They are the start-up accelerators who try to improve the success probability with their business programs and venture funding. It was founded by SD Shibulal, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Shrinath Batni, Tarun Khanna and Gabapathy Venugopal.

Axilor was based in Bangalore but is an out of India based start-up accelerator now. It has provided programs like scaling up early-stage funding program investments unto rupees 30 lakh to 6 crore acceleration and other programs for fulfilling the vision of startups up to 100%. The early stage funding accelerator has supported more than 80 start-ups with almost thirty+ Investments.


In a total single venture fund, Axilor ventures has raised ₹2 billion in the seed fund which was announced on 12 June 2018. Axilor Ventures have made 80 investments with the most recent on 27 January 2021 where Headfone raised ₹220 million. Axilor venture’s most notable exits include Scapic, Infisecure Technologies and Sellerworx. Axilor ventures have a total number of 80 investments with 48 lead Investments. Axilor ventures have diversified investments with one in SquadStack and the other in MUrgency.

Helping Aid To Different Start-Ups

Clergo, BizzTM, Doctor’s Bazar, eShipz, Emittr, Peer Robotics, SuperBeings.


5. India Accelerator 

Location: Gurugram 

Area of Concern: The program helps the start-ups mainly in maintaining relationships with India Accelerators partners, mentors and investors.

Founded by Ashish Bhatia, India accelerator is India’s only GAN, Global accelerator network, and is one of the most highly respected accelerators in more than hundred cities around the world.

India Accelerator provides the organisations and the entrepreneurs possibilities to sharpen their skills by plethora of amenities like high-speed internet, 24/7 power backup, accessible points regarding biometrics and much more.

India accelerator ensures that the organisations or start-ups achieve their goal through strategic alliances from like-minded individuals and guidance and experienced mentors and trainers.


India accelerator has a total number of 29 investments with two investors. Angel accelerator has raised one round called Angel round raised on 10th August 2018 with two investors HotStart ventures and Invest Mind Solutions. India accelerator is funded by investment solutions and HotStart Ventures. They have also invested in BoloIndia in the seed round where BoloIndia raised $300k.

Helping Aid To Start-Ups

SmartFarms, Prithvi.AI, GalaxyCard, Lawyered.

India Accelerator

6. SeedFund 

Location: Mumbai

Area of Concern: They have contributed across diverse sectors in India including Healthcare education E-Commerce technology and rural marketing.

SeedFund was started in 2006 when Bharati Jacob, Mahesh Murthy and Pravin Gandhi brought their early-stage investment experience together and kickstarted Seedfund. They decided to back early-stage companies throughout various sectors with the help of money and attention. Seedfund soon started terminating the gap in the ecosystem with their guidance, perspectives, connections and ideas.


They have made a total number of 39 Investments with a total of six exits and one diversity investment.

Helping aid To Different Startups

They have been active in helping Redbus, CarWale, AFAQS, RupeeTalk, ThinkLabs, My Dentist, Jeevan Healthcare and others.


7. Prime Ventures

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Area of Concern: Prime Ventures has focused their plans to launch multiple startup companies in areas like electronic payments, E-Commerce, Smartphones and tablet-based applications.

Angel Prime (Prime Ventures) is a part of incubator and accelerators in startups ecosystem, which was brought forward by veteran entrepreneurs – Bala Parthasarathy, Sanjay Swamy and Shripati Acharya. The start-ups are helped in rapid creation through mentorship and seed capital by bringing ideas and entrepreneurs together.

Angel Prime brings together talented entrepreneurs and guide them in process of taking the ideas, modelling them, understanding the market and building a customer base. In 9 to 12 months they raise the organised investment for the business or the start-up. Angel Prime rebranded themselves as Prime Venture Partners.


Angel Prime/Prime Ventures has a total of 2 funds with 45 lead investments, 1 diversity investment and 1 exit. Prime Venture partners raised one seed round on 24th October 2012 and is funded by MayField fund. Across their two funds, Prime venture partners have raised $107.4 million with the latest partners being Prime Venture partners III. The fund was announced on 8th March 2018 where they raised a total of ₹4 billion.

Helping Aid To Different Start-Ups

They have helped start-ups like ZipDial, Ezetap, SmartOwner, HackerEarth, Synup, Happay, KredX, MoneyTap, Vidgor, Maya, & NiYO.

Prime Ventures

8. NASSCOM’S 10,000 Startup Warehouse 

Location: Noida

Area of Concern: Expanding India’s role in the IT sector.

NASSCOM, National Association Of Software And Service Companies is a non-governmental trade association. Established in 1988, by 2023 NASSCOM has aimed to support 10,000 technology start-ups in India providing an incubation fund and ambient support for their establishment and betterment. Facilities of NASSCON incubator are present in Bengaluru, Noida, Kolkata, Chennai, Gurugram, Mumbai, Kochi, Pune Hyderabad and Visaz.


The IT-BPO associated sector in India and non-profit organization, Nasscom, is funded by industry to build sustainable Technology and Services in India. The Technology supported Nasscom has a total of 65 Investments with 61 lead investments. The most recent was made on 1st January 2020 when Twelit raised funds. Before that Nasscom invested in, Nufinaz Private Limited, Vitor Health Sciences, TinyData Technologies and many more where it was the lead investor.

Helping Aid To Different StartUps

SmartDriver, KleverMind were some of the notable startups backed by NASSCOM’s 10,000 start-ups warehouse.

10000 Startups By NASSCOM-min

9. Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SINE

Location: Mumbai

Area of Concern: They are sector agnostic and areas may differ.

Set up in 1999 and established in 2004, SINE eventually gained recognition throughout the years with the help of the start-up incubation ecosystem in India. It was selected as an implementation partner for further innovators and as the centre of excellence by DST-GOI (Department of Science and Technology).

Incubating 150+ sectors, SINE is a vast range of technology business incubators presented at IIT Bombay. The incubator vastly focuses on supporting start-ups which are founded by students of IIT Bombay providing maximum incubation support for 3 years. The platform provides a shared work place, technical resources, accessibility network to facilitate business and seed funding up to $37k-44k. One of the most positive aspects of society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the maximum incubation to students of all years and not just a specific batch.


Nurturing technology Startups by students of IIT Bombay Society for Innovation and entrepreneurship, it has provided a “Start To Scale” support which facilitates the research activity conversion to entrepreneurial ventures.

Helping Aid To Different Startups

The IT business incubator has helped over 40 startups where Poyni Bhatt, chief operations officer, was involved.

Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship-min

10. Amity Technology Incubator 

Location: Noida

Area of Concern: This incubation is largely focused in areas where a doubt or concern can be raised making people skeptical about the sector’s presence. They also focuses in the services with technology.

Supported by the department of Science and technology of the central government, the incubation centre was launched by Amity University. The launching of the centre was to promote innovation in sectors including biotechnology as well. Several other platforms where Biotech incubator is recognised are Tata NEN- Red Herring Global winner, NASSCOM.


Amity innovation incubator invested on 8th October 2020 in Bambrew (A Packaging Solution Startup) in the pre-seed funding round.

Helping Aid To Different Startups

Amity Technology Incubator has been a helping aid to many startups which include, Kinetic Media Solutions, Marksman Technologies, & GVC Systems.

Amity Technology Incubator