Top 10 Startups In Delhi 2020

It is well said that “At least once in a lifetime, we all get a billion-dollar idea”.

Now the question arises “What would happen if we execute that idea in the right direction?”

The idea could earn a fortune and the company might become a global brand.  That is, what a startup means.

Startups, in simple words, are the companies that are founded by one or more individuals that are aimed at offering the services and the products that are solving a problem or in huge demand by society.

A startup might cover every aspect ranging from the basic needs to the lavish requirements of the society.

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Top Successful Startups In Delhi 2020

Delhi has been observed making great strides on its path to become one of the hottest startups destinations in India. With more than 1500 startups, Delhi could be considered as the second Indian Silicon Valley after Bangalore.

The following list describes the top 10 most successful startups in Delhi.

1. Zomato

Ever felt hungry at home and wanted to get the food delivered at your doorstep? 

Zomato might help you to get the food home delivered from nearby restaurants with a single tap on your mobile phone.

With a valuation of approx $3.6 billion in 2019 as per HSBC, Zomato was initially launched as Foodiebay in the year 2008 which was meant to review restaurants but then became the biggest food delivery business in India.

Funding and Future Aspirations

With funding of over $900 million until April 2020 by various renowned investors including Ant financial, Uber, Info edge, Glade book, etc. Zomato remains the best in class food delivery service. 

The company aims at achieving 10X growth by the year 2025 and generating 0.5 million jobs directly or indirectly.


With over 5000 employees and 80 million monthly active users, Zomato is one of the most renowned food delivery services which offers attractive discounts to customers and gets the food delivered at the doorstep.

Zomato - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi

2. Inshorts

Isn’t it true that we all find it boring to read those large and uninteresting news articles?

With an agenda of “Stay Informed”, the startup aimed at providing short and crisp 60 words news to its readers was founded in the year 2013.

Since then, it has made remarkable progress and is good enough to find its name among the top 10 startups in Delhi.

Funding and Future Aspirations   

According to Crunchbase, Inshorts has received a total funding amount of $29 million and the last funding was Venture funding.

The startup aims at achieving new benchmarks with the help of Artificial Intelligence in its news systems.


With a small number of 51-100 employees and over 10+ million downloads, Inshorts comes in handy for the people who want to read those long and boring news articles in a shorter span.

Inshorts - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi

3. Snapdeal

Aren’t we all tempted to save our hard-earned money?

That’s what the startup tried to do.

Snapdeal emerged as one of the biggest Indian startups in Delhi in the field of e-commerce.

Snapdeal was launched by Kunal Bahl in the year 2010 as a platform for providing daily deals and coupons. After the gradual success,  Snapdeal itself became an online e-commerce store providing various discounts and deals.

Fundings and Future Aspirations

The company received $12 million in its first funding round by Nexus Venture Partners and Indo-US Venture Partners. 

The company aims to add over 5000 manufacturers by the year 2021 to become much more cost-effective and provide a wide range of products.


Snapdeal has between 2000-5000 employees at the present moment with 100+ million active users and downloads. The company’s sales are at downfall right now but can still be considered as one of the top 10 e-commerce platforms.

Snapdeal - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi

4. MobiKwik

Isn’t it true that we all love to go cashless?

Why not use MobiKwik for the payments and ensure cash-free transactions along with some super savings?

Mobikwik is a virtual wallet that covers over 2,50,000+ avenues. The wallet was founded in 2019 by IIT Delhi graduate couple. The wallet aimed at providing some super attractive deals to the customers along with special discounts and savings.

Fundings and Future Aspirations

Mobikwik has received a total of $150+ million through its investors till present and raised $4.5 million in the last series funding round.

The company aims at becoming a major finance company and providing services in multiple countries.


Mobikwik consists of around 500 employees at present with over 107 million customers. The company connects these users directly to over 3 million merchants.

Mobikwik Startup In Delhi

5. Hike

Human beings are social beings who love to stay connected with each other.

That is what Hike does.

Hike is a messaging app and a social network in itself which was founded in the year 2008. It was one of the best social media startups and gained huge recognition in a short period. It aims to keep humans connected and maintain social harmony.

Fundings and Future Aspirations

Hike received a funding of $7 million from the Bharti and Softbank in the first round itself. It then received another 14 million from the same investors and has raised around $200 million in total.

The startup aims at building a new social future and connecting more and more people.


A small, yet efficient workforce of around 300 employees in Hike and a huge userbase of over 100 million users makes the startup independent and efficient on its own. Thus, Hike remains in the top listed startups in Delhi.

Hike - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi

6. Collegedunia

Every student wants to go to a premier institution and wants to gain a piece of much better knowledge but lack of resources might lead the student to take the wrong decision.

Collegedunia helps prevent that.

Collegedunia is an online college search platform founded in 2010 that helps the students find the perfect institution they deserve. With a database of over 20,000 colleges, Collegedunia remains on the top in terms of student college guidance.

Fundings and Future Aspirations

Collegedunia has raised $605.8K funding total funding amount till now and seed funding was the last funding type.

Collegedunia aims at reaching more and more students through a digital platform and ensures they get their respective deserved colleges.


With an employee base of around 800 individuals and millions of visitors, Collegedunia guides various students regarding fees, course curriculum, and ranking to ensure quality and well-deserved education for students.

CollegeDunia Startup In Delhi

7. Zostel

It has always been a huge hassle to look out for hostels and accommodation for individuals.

Zostel made the work easier.

A Delhi based startup founded in 2013 that aimed at providing India’s first chain of backpackers hostels offering hygienic, secure, and cost-friendly accommodation. 

Fundings and Future Aspirations

Zostel has raised a total of $1 million through fundings till now with the last funding type being Venture funding.

Zostel has an aim to provide budget-friendly, safe accommodation, and become the most preferred accommodation platform.


With around 200 employees and the best hospitality services, Zostel finds itself as one of the best startups in Delhi.

Zostel - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi

8. Goldseat

Isn’t it true that entertainments on journeys make those journeys more delightful?

That’s what Gold seat ensures.

Goldseat provided bus travel to passengers along with wifi connectivity on the bus to make the journey much more entertaining.

It has now collaborated with for intercity smart buses. 

Fundings and Future Aspirations

Goldseat has recently raised around $3 million in funding for expansion.

The brand plans to be the leader in bus travel services and to have a well-established network spread out in India.


Goldseat has about 250 buses including buses of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. The company is highly focused and dedicated towards its expansion and thus finds itself in the list.

Goldseat - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi

9. Chaayos

After a whole day of hard work, People love to have a delightful sip out of their tea-cup. True right?

Chaayos is meant for all those Tea lovers who love to experiment with their Tea and Coffee.

In the society where Starbucks and Cafe Coffee Day are seen as a hole in the pocket, Chaayos fulfill the needs of the middle class by being pocket friendly without any quality compromises at all.

Fundings and Future Aspirations

Chaayos has raised a funding of $40.1 million in total with the last funding type being Series B funding.

The company aims at creating 300 outlets by the year 2023 and is further planning to launch an IPO of equity and going abroad.


With the number of employees between 500-1000, Chaayos has been observed growing at a rapid rate and we will soon witness it competing with the big brands.

Chaayos - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi

10. Flyrobe

Isn’t it too expensive to buy clothes for weddings or family functions? After all, we don’t wear them too often, right?

So, Why not rent those clothes instead of purchasing them? Isn’t it going to be much more pocket friendly?

That was the idea behind Flyrobe’s startup.

Flyrobe is a startup that aimed at providing rental clothes for weddings and that too at budget-friendly rates. Founded in 2016, The company took an initiative to provide premium occasion wear on rent to both men and women.

Fundings and Future Aspirations

Flyrobe that has now been acquired by Rent It Bae. It has received a total funding amount of $10.7 million until now with the last funding round being Venture Funding round.

Flyrobe aims at becoming the market leader in fashion and retail space.


With a small workforce of 11-50 individuals and over 1 million downloads on play store, Flyrobe’s idea and concept make it one of the top 10 startups in Delhi.

Flyrobe - One Of The Top 10 Startups In Delhi


In a country like India where job security is considered as the topmost priority, Individuals are coming up with some great ideas which are eventually becoming huge and successful startups.

These startups are contributing to the country’s social and economic levels as well.

With ideas turning into reality, it is easy to say that there is not much time left when India will be observed as one of the best startups destinations. 

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