Top 10 Startups In Pune 2020

Startups, A word that comes along with a lot of criticism and loads of questions with it in India.

If an individual gets a billion-dollar idea in his mind, society would suppress the voice of the idea with the noise of insecurities.

“Startup! Really? 90% of the startups fail within the first five years. Do you still want to build one?”

“Take up a job! A startup is just a fantasy, those companies at the top won’t let u succeed”

These are some of the questions that a startup lover hears right before taking the first step towards his idea execution.

What happens next? Most of the people back out! So, aren’t there any individuals who work on their ideas in India and make them come to reality?

That is not true! Many individuals never let their inside voices die due to the outside voices. They work on their dream and make it real.

Want some instances? Let us list out some of the most successful startups in Pune, A city of Maharashtra in India.

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10 Best And Most Successful Startups In Pune

1. Faasos

Founded Date: 2011

Founders: Kallol Banerjee, Jaydeep Barman

Workforce: 5,000-10,000 Employees

Customers served: 10,000 customers per day

About Faasos

Faasos is an online food delivery platform that provides a “food on-demand” service. Faasos takes customer orders through its app and delivers them on or before the promised time.

What’s in it for us!

Love to have tasty food from the restaurants but feeling too lazy to go out and buy it?

The sudden appearance of some relatives at your home without you being prepared?

Faasos could be your friend in need!

You can easily order delicious food from the nearby restaurants with a single tap on your mobile phone. No hassles at all and get your food delivered on or before the expected time. Moreover, Faasos has a FAASOS-bolt feature that promises to deliver the food before the promised time, else,  you will be provided a 100% cashback up to Rs.200.


Faasos being a successful startup has raised a total amount of $331.5M till now with the last funding type being the “Series E” funding.

Future Aspirations

Faasos’ mission and goals are to reach out to an extended number of restaurants providing more and more options to the customer. Also, Faasos is on an ever-improving user experience mission.

Why do we have “Faasos” in the top 10?

Faasos brilliant concept and idea made it stand apart in the list. Not only serving millions of customers, but Faasos generosity could also be well-observed through its “Hunger Saver” mission that aims at feeding 10,000 children every month. A company that is both helping and serving the society could never be excluded from the top 10 list. 

Faasos -Among top 10 Startups In Pune
Image Source: Social Samosa

2. Firstcry

Founded Date: 2010

Founders: Sanket Hattimattur, Supam Maheshwari, Amitava Saha

Workforce: 1,001-5,000 Employees

User-base and Retail footprints: Over 4M users and 300 stores

About Firstcry

Firstcry is an online portal to buy baby care products and toys. With over 20,000+ items, Firstcry is Asia’s largest online shopping store for kids and baby products. 

What’s in it for you!

Unable to go out to buy products for your baby due to time constraints?

Unable to find a good variety of baby care products in the nearby market?

Firstcry could be your savior!

Order products for your baby while sitting at your home. No hesitation at all as Firstcry easy returns policy ensures 100% customer satisfaction. Also, the quality of products at Firstcry is excellent and ensures proper safety and comfort for the toddler.   


Firstcry’s idea and concept have earned it a huge number of investors. It has raised a total funding amount of $418.4M till date with the last funding type being the “Series E” funding. 

Future Aspirations

Firstcry is constantly working on its customer experience. It aims to provide the best in class quality products at the lowest prices. Also, the company aspires to build a high-performance marketing team.  

Why do we have “Firstcry” in the top 10?

Firstcry’s whole concept has made it much easier for the parents to purchase products for their youngsters. Serving 60,000 parents every month and making their lives easier, Firstcry is undoubtedly one of the best in the category.

Firstcry -Among top 10 Startups In Pune
Image Source: FranchiseKaro

3. Letsintern

Founded Date: 2011

Founder: Rishabh Gupta, Pranay Swarup, Mayank Batheja

Workforce: 11-50 Employees

Users: Over 4 million students and 30,000 organizations

About Letsintern

Letsintern is an online platform that helps students find meaningful internships with organizations of all scales. Letsintern provides opportunities for young talent to meet the Industry.

What’s in it for you!

Unable to find an internship?

Unable to search for a job as a fresher?

Letsintern got you covered!

Letsintern can help you find the right job in your area as per your requirement without any hassles. No need to work for a different job or role that is not even your expertise or does not interest you. So, Why not unlock your true potential and gain some real experience.    


Letsintern idea to connects various students with the industry made it a lookout for investors. It has raised a total amount of $44.9K till date with the last funding type being the “Venture” funding. 

Future Aspirations

Letsintern aspires to reach out to more and more talented youngsters that are deprived of the industry due to a lack of opportunities.  

Why do we have “Letsintern” in the top 10?

Letsintern is helping the students by providing them with desired internships. Earlier, students used to work in any of the internships or jobs that weren’t even of their interest but the times are changing and they are getting much relevant experience. Thanks, Letsintern!

Letsintern -Among top 10 Startups In Pune
Image Source: Letsintern

4. GigIndia

Founded Date: Jan 5, 2017

Founders: Sahil Sharma, Aditya Shirole

Workforce: 11-50 Employees

About GigIndia

GigIndia is an online platform that provides on-demand work completion for companies by breaking down the business requirement into micro-gigs and assigning them to job-seekers. Also, the startup uses Machine learning and AI for quality checks.

What’s in it for you!

Homemaker looking for a part-time job to earn some extra savings?

Student looking to make some extra pocket-money?

Business looking to get some job done?

GigIndia could easily help you out!

For jobseekers, it will help you find part-time remote jobs. For business owners, It will get your work done through its curated workforce. Also, the business owners will only have to pay for the completed work and not for the workforce deployed.  


GigIndia’s business solution has made it gain huge investor interest. It has raised a total funding amount of Rs.75M till date with the last funding type being the “Seed” funding.

Future Aspirations

GigIndia’s future aspiration is to become one of the most reliable platforms for businesses as well as for job seekers. Also, the company is working on its goal of building a boundless future of work.

Why do we have “GigIndia” in the top 10?

GigIndia is a great initiative that is changing the work-culture in society. Also, the company not only benefits the job-seekers but also benefits the business by helping them scale faster and save costs. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the best startups from Pune.

Gigindia -Startup In Pune
Sahil Sharma And Aditya Shirole | Image Source: Yourstory

5. Peseva

Founded Date: Jan 1, 2019

Founders: Gurbachan Singh Ghotra, Sukhjinder Ghotra

Workforce: 11-50 Employees

About Peseva

Peseva is a financial wellness platform that partners with employers to provide benefits to the employees which in turn helps in the financial upliftment of the employees.

What’s in it for you!

Going to start a business and worried about your financial stature?

Unable to gather money for employees?

Peseva could be the stop for you!

Peseva could help your company and your employees to attain financial independence by facilitating you through basic financial products. Peseva will eliminate all the complexities of financial products along with micro-savings, micro-insurance, and credit into one.


Peseva is a great startup and idea but hasn’t raised any fundings yet. However, it is no doubt that the company’s financial solutions concept might grab some heavy investors to it soon.

Future Aspirations

Peseva aspires to reach out to the rural areas of India and facilitate them with financial aids. Also, they aim to spread financial literacy to the mass underserved population.

Why do we have “Peseva” in the top 10?

Peseva, being a fintech company is serving a large number of the underserved population through its financial strategy and solutions. It is helping small businesses to attain stability and withstand the ecosystem. Thus, the company finds itself on the list.  

Peseva -Among top 10 Startups In Pune

6. Plobal Apps

Founded Date: 2014

Founders: Atul Pohrakar, Aliasger Motiwalla, Abhishek Jain

Workforce: 11-50 Employees

App Installs: 100,000+

About Plobal Apps

Plobal apps is an app building platform for e-commerce store owners. It is an easy to use app that helps small merchants reach out to the mobile world by creating a full-fledged application for their business.

What’s in it for you!

Want to build a mobile app for your e-commerce store?

Don’t have much time to hire a full team to make a professional mobile application?

Plobal Apps could help you achieve your dreams!

You can easily create a professional e-commerce app and take your business to the next level. Also, you can customize the application as per your needs. The best part is that it just only takes 10 minutes to create a fully working application through Plobal Apps.  


Plobal apps haven’t raised any fundings yet. Still, investors could be observed keeping an eye on it.

Future Aspirations

Plobal Apps aspires to solve all the pain of startups with their DIY native app development solution.

Why do we have “Plobal Apps” in the top 10?

Plobal Apps is helping small e-commerce businesses reach out to another level. Furthermore, Plobal Apps reduces the pain of hiring development teams that makes it much more convenient. Undoubtedly, Plobal Apps is the best in its category.

Plobal Apps - Startup In Pune
The Founders | Image Source: Yourstory

7. Tork Motors

Founded Date: 2009

Founder: Kapil Shelke

Workforce: 11-50 Employees 

About Tork Motors

Tork Motors is an electric motorcycle manufacturing company. These motorcycles are not only environment-friendly but are also power-packed with high performance.

What’s in it for you!

Need a power-packed vehicle that is environmentally friendly?

Want to save some extra money over fuel prices?

Tork Motorcycles might come in handy for you!

These motorcycles come along with 80% charge in one hour feature and 100kms range that makes them the best in the category. Also, there is no compromise in the bike engines at all as these bikes are super fast.  


Tork Motors has raised a total amount of $4.7M till date with the last funding type being the “Angel” funding. 

Future Aspirations

Tork Motors aspires to power the three-wheeler vehicles as well. Also, the company aims to enhance its products with better technological benefits.

Why do we have “Tork Motors” in the top 10?

Tork Motors’ whole idea and the concept is trying to shift the society’s focus from fuel-driven vehicles to electricity-driven vehicles that would help the environment in the long run as well. Thus, its initiative finds itself on the list.

Tork Motors -Among top 10 Startups In Pune
Team Tork Motors | Image Source: Yourstory

8. InTouchApp

Founded Date: Nov 1, 2012

Founder: Sarang Lakare

Workforce: 1-10 Employees

About InTouchApp

InTouchApp has been developed for professionals in sales, marketing, and small businesses. It helps in managing contacts in a much easier way.

What’s in it for you!

In a sales business and want to reach out to more people?

Want to know about the professional fields of your contacts so that you could reach out to them in time of need?

InTouchApp made it easy for you!

Install the app and master your contacts database. You can easily save and manage the contacts through this app. Also, the app provides you some advanced features such as network search to grow out your network.  


InTouchApp has raised an undisclosed amount of “Seed” funding. 

Future Aspirations

InTouchApp aspires to increase its app functionalities and become a full-fledged contact managing application. 

Why do we have “InTouchApp” in the top 10?

InTouchApp has increased convenience of the smartphone users. Not only it helps to manage the contacts but provides many more functionalities such as spam call identification. Thus, InTouchApp is a brilliant idea as a startup.

InTouchApp -Among top 10 Startups In Pune
Team InTouchApp | Image Source

9. ProximiT

Founded Date: 2014

Founders: Abhay Bhora, Yash Muthu

Workforce: 11-50 Employees 

About ProximiT

ProximiT is an advertising startup that focuses on delivering local ads. All it does is to help you advertise your products in auto-rickshaws to increase conversions.

What’s in it for you!

Want to advertise your product to the mass population that travels through local means?

Want your product to reach out to maximum people and increase your conversions?

ProximiT might be your friend in time!

ProximiT provides proximity-based advertising through tablets installed in local auto-rickshaws. These tablets display images, audio, video, and ads triggered by geo-location that would easily help maximize your sales and reach out to a large audience.    


ProximiT’s advertising concept made it $150K total funding amount till with the last funding type being the “Seed” funding.

Why do we have “ProximiT” in the top 10?

ProximiT’s idea of proximity advertising is one of its kind. The company is not just trying to maximize the sales of its clients but is also teaching the society about different concepts of advertising methods that make it stand out in the list.

ProximiT -Among top 10 Startups In Pune
Image Source: Inc42

10. Xpressbees

Founded Date: Sep 2015

Founders: Amitava Saha, Supam Maheshwari

Workforce: 1400+ Employees 

About Xpressbees

Xpressbees is an e-commerce logistics company that offers drop shipping, payment collection, vendor management, last-mile delivery, etc. It is also known as Xpressbees logistics, BusyBees logistics.

What’s in it for you!

Want to get your goods delivered?

Looking for a reliable logistics company?

Xpressbess can do the job for you!

You can get your goods delivered without any hassles. Moreover, the company is also well known for its fast delivery that makes it a cherry on top.


Xpressbees has raised a total funding amount of $167.6M with the last funding type being the “Series D” funding. 

Future Aspirations

The company aspires to fulfill all the comprehensive supply demands needs of India’s online industry through its solutions. 

Why do we have “Xpressbees” in the top 10?

Xpressbees delivers more than 4,00,000+ shipments every day which shows the extensive reach of the brand. It is one of the best and most reliable logistics solutions providers in the market. Thus, such a great startup finds itself on the list.

Xpressbees -Startup In Pune


With all the above-mentioned startups, we can easily say that individuals in India are now taking some huge steps in creating some of the most brilliant startups.

So, What are we all waiting for? Why be afraid of society?

Now its time for us to begin working on our ideas and contribute towards making India, a super-power.

As Dylan Thomas said ”Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light” 

Let’s fight for our dreams and make a new society, a society of our ideas and thoughts, a society that is never afraid to take the risky steps.

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