Top 10 Tea Brands In India 2021

A morning without Tea! One can’t even imagine how awful it would be. The love for tea is inevitable. The best start to the morning is all about a cup of tea. Tea is a popular beverage, consumed every day by the young and the old in most households in India. The soothing drink even has a few health benefits.

Let me tell you a fact about tea. There are various types of tea but actually, the tea leaves are of only one kind, that is they have a single flavor. But after tea leaves are grown and fermented, various firms give them different flavors and tastes. Peppermint tea, Masala tea, black tea, green tea, etc. are some popular types of tea.

India is ranked 2nd in the world in the production of tea and exports a large amount of tea production to different parts of the world. The Indian market is swarmed by several brands of tea.

Various firms in India are popular suppliers of the highest quality tea. So if you are a fan of drinking tea, that which is the best tea manufacturing business would be the question going through your head. 

So, Tea lovers, we got you some amazing tea brands that you must try for a kick start day!

Why Should One Drink Tea?

Tea is a drink that within moments can quickly make one, refreshing and active. A tiny cup of tea will work well when one is sleepy or exhausted and it’s been confirmed several times. In treating many common diseases, tea is effective and provides other health benefits.

It has been claimed that tea is the most drinking beverage after water! 100 grams of tea mixed with water will give you 1 calorie, according to studies.

Studies suggest that consistently consuming tea often decreases the risk of heart problems or other heart disorders. That’s not it, tea is also considered to shield you from multiple cancers, neurological disorders, etc., as well as reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, pollen allergies, etc.

One of the best effects of drinking tea is that it burns calories due to the presence of caffeine and it assists in weight loss. It also increases metabolism, which leads more to weight loss. So, if you are trying to lose weight, it will probably help you lose weight quicker by adding tea to your diet.

Studies suggest that people who frequently drink tea have higher bone density than people who do not drink tea. You don’t have to think about developing osteoporosis when you get older if you drink tea daily.

Various teas also strengthen your immunity so that you can avoid common diseases and illnesses quickly. In calming your digestive system, a few tea varieties are also effective.

As a source of energy that can increase your muscle stamina during exercise, a few antioxidants in green tea are more effective in burning fat. So, you can improve your fitness efficiency if you take a cup of tea before your workout.

Following Are The Listed Top 10 Tea Brands In India 2021

1. TATA Tea

About The Company

Tata Consumer Products Limited, headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, is an Indian multinational consumer goods corporation and an affiliate of the Tata Group.

TATA tea is considered to be perhaps, the highest quality and most loved tea in India. It is manufactured by TATA Global Beverages Limited, a non-alcoholic beverage firm from India and a subsidiary of Tata. It is the second-largest tea production firm in the world and a major manufacturer of coffee as well.

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

Under the big Tata Tea, Tetley, and Healthy Earth Teas brands, the company markets tea. Tata Tea is India’s largest-selling tea company, Tetley is Canada’s largest-selling tea brand, and the United Kingdom and the United States’ second largest-selling tea brand.

Tata Tea Life, Tata Tea Agni, Tata Tea Gold, and Tata Tea Premium are all tea varieties.

This brand has also launched a social campaign that is branded as Jaago Re. Waking up to fight corruption is the main motive of this movement. The price of Tata Tea is INR 420 per kg in India.

Tata Tea: Tea Brands In India

2. Red Label Tea

About the Company

Brooke Bond is a tea sale business owned by the United Kingdom-based independent beverage company, Unilever. In the United Kingdom, Arthur Brooke formed Brooke Bond and Company.

Brooke Bond Red Label, which originated in 1903, was yet another tea brand sold by Unilever. It occupies a fair share of India’s tea market. This company delivers high-quality flavors and fragrances of carefully picked tea leaves.

In 1869, Arthur described his first tea shop, and the business was called with the combination of his last name and the ‘bond’ he had with his clients. Brooke Bond is a common brand for the sale of tea in India, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and other countries such as the USA and Canada, etc.

Different Variants Of Tea The Company Manufactures

Red Label Natural Care, Red Label Special, and Red Label Dust are their tea varieties. In India, Brooke Bond works under the Brooke Bond Red Logo and Brooke Bond Taj Mahal sub-brands.

This brand consists of all sorts of qualities, so Indians mainly choose this brand. It is mostly accessible in all the stores as well. It is Unilever’s most profitable and influential brand. This tea brand has arrived with top-notch features at an affordable cost, based on its success and demand. INR 390 per kg is the price of the Brooke Bond Red Mark in India.

Red Lable Tea: Top Tea Brands In India 2021

3. Taj Mahal Tea

About the Company

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, launched in 1966, is a product sold by Unilever and known for its distinctive flavor and fragrance obtained by choosing the finest tea leaves available. Many eminent figures, including those from the Bollywood industry, have endorsed the cocktail.

Table master Zakir Hussain, Bollywood giants Saif Ali Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Niladri Kumar, Ayaan Ali Khan, and Rahul Sharma are the brand ambassadors. As their tagline goes, the tea truly causes a “Wah Taj” from the majority. 

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

The variants provided by the Taj Mahal are the Taj Mahal Classic, Taj Mahal Nilgiris, Taj Mahal Gold, and Taj Mahal Darjeeling.

Taj Mahal tea is the perfect way to get your energy back when you have been engaged in hard work and become exhausted. In India, the price of Marvel Tea is INR 225 per kg. It’s the most effective cure for the headache and other health problems.

In addition to excellent consistency and flavor, the tea is also moderately priced and is a perfect choice for families. The color of the orange-gold brew, the scintillating scent, and the rich flavor distinguish this tea from all of India’s other tea brands.

Taj Mahal Tea: Top Tea Brands In India 2021

4. Wagh Bakri Tea

About the Company

Established in 1892, Wagh Bakri is promoted by Shri Narandas Desai’s Wagh Bakri Tea Brand, a leading tea company in India. The company currently has skyrocketing sales in the Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan markets.

Wagh Bakri is an Indian-based tea production brand which is a great brand and has managed to make a name in less time.

Headquartered in Gujarat, India, it is manufactured by Gujarat Tea Processors and Packers Limited (GTPPL). GTPPL is India’s one of the largest packed tea companies. It specializes in all varieties of available tea sources, such as dust, dirt, pocket, and standard leaf. It was founded by Shri Narandas Desai in Ahmedabad in 1915.

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

Other tea brands including Good Morning and Mili are also sold by the Wagh Bakri Tea company. Different varieties of Wagh Bakri Tea are Wagh Bakri Dust Tea, Wagh Bakri Leaf Tea, and Wagh Bakri Fanning Tea.

In India, the price of Wagh Bakri Tea is INR 410 per kg. One of the great aspects of this tea company is that to please buyers, it delivers region-specific tea blends.

Wagh Bakri: Tea Brands In India 2021

5. Lipton Tea

About the Company

Another popular brand available on the Indian market is Lipton. This ancient brand, Lipton, was introduced by Thomas Lipton in 1890. Unilever owns and markets the company. Lipton is famous internationally, with distribution in over 100 countries. 

It was once a major supermarket chain in the UK as well. The name of the company derives from its founder, Sir Thomas Lipton, who first presented the yellow Lipton pack with a red Lipton shield. It was reported back in the year 1890, and Pepsi Lipton International, a joint venture of both Unilever and Pepsi Companies’ PepsiCo, sells much of the ready-to-drink tea.

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

You must be familiar with Lipton tea if you are among those who are exercise and health freaks. And please don’t ask me how exercise is correlated with tea! Lipton offers one of the highest quality green tea, for which both young people and elderly people are often favored.

The most popular and preferred brands are Lipton Yellow Label and Lipton Iced Tea, but some are available as well, such as Lipton Milk Tea in East Asia and Lipton Pyramid in Europe and North America. Lipton produces the tea in two chosen ways, in North America, Europe, and Australia as tea bags and Asia as loose tea powder balls! The price of Lipton Tea is INR 278 per kg in India.

Lipton Tea: Tea Brands In India 2021

6. Tetley Tea

About the Company

Tetley is a tea brand that only recently came to light in the Asian region because of the consistency it provides. In different countries, Tetley packed tea bags are well-preferred. In the United Kingdom and Canada, it is one of the largest tea producing companies and the one of the largest tea selling brands in the United States. It has a company worldwide, working in around 40 countries and offering more than sixty labels.

The founders, brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley, gave him a name. Tetley is currently a wholly-owned Tata Global Drinks brand, headquartered in Kolkata, and is the world’s second-largest tea manufacturer after Unilever.

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

It is available in ways such as bags of tea and packets of tea. A few variations include Tetley Green Tea, Tetley Black Tea, and Tetley Flavoured Tea. It is also the best-selling brand in Canada and the United Kingdom, aside from India. In India, the price of Tetley’s tea is INR 300 per kg.

Tetley Tea: Tea Brands In India

7. Marvel Tea

About the Company

In 1994, the Marvel Tea brand was introduced from the small Marvel Tea Estate based in India. It consists of 3000 distributors in the world. If you want to drink tasty tea, don’t miss the opportunity.

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

In India, the price of Marvel Tea is INR 340 per kg. This brand has immense varieties, such as Marvel Red Tea, Marvel Yellow Tea, Marvel Premium Dust Tea, and Pattian Marvel Gold. It is primarily known as a refreshing drink.

Marvel Tea: Tea Brands In India 2021

8. Taaza Tea

About The Company

If you want to have a delicious tea and enjoy its delicious effect, you can try Brooke Band Taaza for sure. It is produced under the ‘Brooke Bond’ brand and we have already discussed this brand earlier. If you want your mind to be refreshed, so make sure this tea is perfect for you. This tea’s flavor is really special.

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

Taaza Leaf, Taaza Dust, and Taaza Gold are the different variants available in the market. Taaza is the unique name given to the new kind of tea that the Brooke Bond Tea Company is launching. It is a very powerful tea and can instantly relieve a headache.

Taaza Tea

9. Society Tea

About The Company

In 1933, Society Tea, owned by Hasmukhrai & Co, was founded. Society tea is ranked among the best selling list of tea brands in India and is known for its brilliant taste and fragrance worldwide.

Different Varieties Of Tea The Company Manufactures

Society Premium Darjeeling Tea, Society Tea Assam CTC, and Society Masala Tea are separate variations of this tea. The price in India for Society Tea is INR 415 per kg. It is similar to the fragrant fragrance, which internationally is very common.

It is also notable for its abundance of products and consistent taste. In a strong delivery network, it gets active. This tea is high in antioxidants and minerals, so after every cup of tea, you’ll feel revitalized and renewed. As a consequence, after a long and tiring day, this tea feels fantastic and can easily be made with milk or lemon.

Society Tea: Top Tea Brands In India 2021

10. Pataka Tea

About the Company

Pataka Tea is promoted by the Pataka Community, which is most popular in India for the cultivation of tobacco. In the year 2000, the brand was introduced. Particularly in the country’s rural and semi-urban areas, Pataka tea is fast becoming a very popular tea brand.

Different type of Tea the company manufactures

The soothing flavor and fragrance make this tea a brand that is sought after. In India, the price of Pataka Tea is INR 320 per kg. Mainly, they have two versions. One is the premium Pataka dust tea and the other is the premium Pataka leaf tea. There are also several Ayurveda advantages of this tea brand. The flavor of this Pataka tea is very distinctive.

Pataka Tea: Tea Brands In India 2021


Every Tea Brand has its own specialty as we know Lipton is famous for its taste in green tea and Tetley is for lemon tea. So, this article has mentioned all the aspects and variants of some of the best tea brands in India.

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