Top 8 Youngest IAS Officers In India 2020

Becoming an IAS Officer at a young age is a dream of so many aspirants, but it is really difficult to crack the UPSC exam which is regarded as the toughest exam in India and the second-most toughest exam in the world. These young minds have cracked this exam and they are the inspiration and motivation for almost all the aspirants who are working hard to achieve this dream. Here at India Bhasha, we present you:

Top Youngest IAS Officers Of India

1. Ansar Ahmad Shaikh

A 21-year-old boy’s success who is a son of an autorickshaw driver is an outcome of his hard work and sleepless nights that made it possible for him to earn him such a high position. He secured AIR 361 in his first attempt in 2016. He is from Shelgaon village in Jalna, Maharashtra.

Earlier, Anees, Ansar’s younger brother, dropped out of his school in class 7th and worked in a garage. Belonging to a family that never prioritized study and knowledge, Anees helped his brother in preparation for the UPSC Civil Services paper. Ansar later secured 91% in 10th Boards he stunned his whole family and he was a bright student but his aim to become an IAS officer was always a shock to his family! Ansar secured 73% in Fergusson College, Pune in his graduation. He has always been thankful to his “Guru” Rahul Pandve who helped him build a road towards success while preparing him for the UPSC Civil Services paper.

Ansar Sheikh: Youngest IAS Officers
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2. Roman Saini

With a success rate of 25% in UPSC Exams, Roman Saini is a living example of “You can do anything” and he secured AIR 18 in 2013 at an age of 22. He always believed that no one is born genius, it’s always about their mind learning and tricks that keep you on the right track.

He strongly believed that to learn about anything you need to learn the basic tactics of learning and only the right platform can take you on higher roads. After clearing his AIIMS entrance exam at 16, he published his research paper in the medical journal at 18.

He resigned from Junior Resident Doctor at NDDTC in Psychiatry after completing MBBS. He visited medical campuses when he was a junior resident doctor, usually the poverty prone areas, and was highly uncomfortable watching those who struggled for basic amenities and decided to contribute his dedication towards society’s welfare by resigning from his post and joining civil services.

In 2014, he cleared his UPSC Civil services exam and was appointed as Collector in Madhya Pradesh. He, in 2015, started his venture-Unacademy after his friend Gaurav Munjal planted an idea of a start-up with him. He has made it possible for IAS aspirants to rank even better through various motivational speeches on Unacademy.

Roman Saini: Youngest IAS Officers In India
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3. Swati Meena Naik

A dream which makes it impossible for you to sleep is what will help you to achieve the only thing you want. Swati, a young mind, cracked the toughest exam at an age of 22, after going to Delhi for preparation of UPSC civil services exam.

She belongs to Sikar, Rajasthan, and in 2007 she made it possible for people to dream of cracking the toughest paper at such a young age. Her AIR 260 gave her the final peace one can find! Later, after achieving her dreams, she married another IAS Officer, Tejaswi Nayak. She is an inspiration to so many because of her hard work and the ability to crack the paper.

Swati Meena Naik: Youngest IAS Officers
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4. Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

Amrutesh has always been a keen learner and says that reading a newspaper will surely help you to keep up with better knowledge about ongoing affairs. He started reading newspapers soon after the completion of his graduation in 2009. He got AIR 10 at an age of 22 and became an inspiration for people who had the least hope.

He is from Maharashtra and after clearing his paper he wrote a book for IAS aspirants to motivate them and acknowledge them on facts that no one can tell those young minds. Every inspirer is inspired from someone and for Amrutesh, it was his sister, Chinmaya Aurangabadkar, who cleared her UPSC paper in her maiden attempt!

Amrutesh Aurangbadkar: Youngest IAS Officers In India
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5. Ankur Garg

Ankur Garg is a very well-known name for inspiration. He graduated from IIT-Delhi and belongs to a family of doctors. He got AIR 1 and his childhood dream of becoming an IAS Officer was fulfilled in 2002 at an age of 22.

Ankur is from Patiala, Punjab and his core subjects were Physics and Chemistry while graduation so he chose the same for the UPSC exam. He always says if someone wants to give 100% then it would be possible if you have a sincere and single-minded devotion towards it. He has been using this technique for achieving the greatest success of all time.

Ankur Garg: Youngest IAS Officers
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6. Gaurav Singh

Gaurav’s inspiration comes from his father, who was unfortunately passed away while he was appearing for his 10th Boards. He has always carried on the culture of his family that is incubated in him since his childhood and after such horrific incidents he found that his family’s welfare is now on his shoulders.

He is the son of a father who didn’t own much land but it was sufficient for regular needs. He had the burden of his younger brother and sister so it was often difficult for him to enjoy the “College Life” because of their unstable financial conditions.

He was always inspired how his father wanted him to become something so powerful like an IAS that he devoted his time to studies for years. He, at a young age, fulfilled his father’s dream and became an IAS officer at an age of 22.

Gaurav Singh: Youngest IAS Officers
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7. Tina Dabi

The girl who topped the UPSC Exam in her first attempt and got AIR 1. She belongs to a family where a free mind and being independent is the only religion which is followed. Tina Dabi was born in Bhopal and later moved to Delhi for studies. She graduated in political science from Lady Shree Ram College, DU.

Tina’s father, Jaswant Dabi works in the Telecom Department, and her mother, Himali Dabi is an engineer. Tina studied for 8 to 10 hours a day and gives credit to following the “strategies, schedules, focusing, and planning”. She also believes that patience is the key to success.

Tina Dabi: Youngest IAS Officers In India
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8. S Susree

In 2017 Susree bagged AIR 151 and became the headlines of various newspapers. Coming from Kollam, Kerala, she was inspired by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while she presented a bouquet to him in an event held in 2014.

She was highly influenced by various other IAS Officers whose motivating speeches and highly inspiring words made it possible for her to achieve her dreams. She was just 22 when she cleared her paper!

S Susree: Youngest IAS Officers
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So, here were the top 8 youngest IAS officers in India, who didn’t just made their dreams come true, but also their families and our country India proud. We respect the hard work and dedication of these young talented minds.

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