Visibility for performance management and cybersecurity in data centers and hybrid cloud environments

NETSCOUT's vSTREAM™ virtual appliance complements existing Adaptive Session Intelligence™ (ASI)-based instrumentation to provide the same smart data visibility within virtualized and cloud infrastructures that is already possible in physical environments. The vSTREAM is ideal for monitoring service-critical traffic running within virtualized or cloud infrastructures.


Achieve User Experience Goals

Leverage end-to-end visibility across data centers, multi-cloud, and remote sites.

Seamless, Affordable Visibility

Scalable and simplified packet-data visibility and analysis is easy to deploy and manage.

Reduce time to Solve Problems

Combination of East-West and North-South hybrid cloud visibility and proven workflows for comprehensive performance management decreases the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

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Unparalleled Visibility and Control in Hybrid Cloud Environments

NETSCOUT delivers visibility across technology services, infrastructures and platforms, including private and public cloud, SDNs and virtualized environments. vSTREAM's east-west traffic monitoring provides insight into packet traffic and application workloads giving IT organizations smart data for visibility and control for performance management and cybersecurity purposes.


Flexible Financing and Deployment Options for Performance Monitoring

NETSCOUT delivers hybrid cloud visibility across technology services, infrastructures and the platforms that comprise today’s connected world, including private and public cloud, SDDCs and virtualized environments. NETSCOUT’s deployment options provide industry-best flexibility for strategic deployment throughout enterprise, government, commercial, and service provider networks.

NETSCOUT's nGenius Vantage Point Software subscription solution helps eliminate blind spots and increase visibility. By strategically leveraging instrumentation across the network in a cost-effective way, nGenius Vantage Point Software supports digital transformations and continued business growth.

The subscription includes InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) software appliances, vSTREAM virtual appliances, the nGeniusONE solution, as well as MasterCare support for the term of the subscription. NETSCOUT’s flexible CapEx and OpEx financing options help organizations fulfill their unique business

vSTREAM Virtual Appliance

Ideal for smart data visibility into service-critical traffic running within virtualized or cloud infrastructures, either locally on a host or as an aggregation point for multiple hosts.

NSX-T Edition of vSTREAM

Certified by VMware, delivers the same rich ASI intelligence directly into the heart of an organization’s mission-critical VMware NSX-T that customers have leveraged in their cloud and legacy environments.

nGenius Vantage Point Software

This subscription software solution combines NETSCOUT® instrumentation with nGeniusONE Performance Management software, enabling customers to eliminate blind spots by cost-effectively expanding instrumentation to new Vantage Points across their network.

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