Top 15 Inspiring Web Series For Entrepreneurs 2020

Innovative ideas to produce and direct inspiring documentaries, web-series and movies have, in many manners, kept us from going insane. Nowadays online streaming is more into action and Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, HBO, Amazon Prime are some of the most popular OTT platforms which gave you better content related to inspiration and motivation. They have presented many series and documentaries which were inspiring and creative and few series or documentaries are truly made for entrepreneurs to inspire them to become successful. Here are a few web series for those entrepreneurs out there that are looking for some motivation through methods of entertainment:

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Best 15 Web Series For Entrepreneurs

1. TVF Pitchers

Launched:5th June 2015

IMDB Rating: 9.1/10

Where to watch: YouTube

Season:  1

TVF Pitchers is a web-series based on four friends who are so frustrated with their jobs that they decide to quit their jobs and develop a start-up business. Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal are the four friends and Naveen has been so pissed that he was not selected for a project from his company. Bhati, Naveen’s mentor, asks him “What are you?” and suddenly all the four friends come across different answers to the question that Bhati asked. They decide to work on their start-up and slowly learn to deal with the issues that they faced.

Another character in the series, Gary Bhujiawala, offers them a fund but under one condition and this condition leads to the self-discovery of the four friends. Later, after some issues, Naveen, Yogi, and Mandal decide to deal with the situations under any circumstances but Jitu has some other issues to be dealt with at home. Finally, the four friends are ready and just a step away from their seed fund but will an innocent mistake take a wrong turn in their life? Watch this series and who knows you might learn where you went wrong in your business.

2. Better call Saul

Launched: 8th February, 2015

IMDB Rating: 8.7/10

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 5

Better Call Saul is a marvelous series that centers on Saul Goodman. Saul Goodman is a known character from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad. Better call Saul takes us six years before the events that took place in Breaking Bad. The show focuses on Jimmy McGill’s transformation throughout the years. He was portrayed as a scam artist, then a lawyer, and then as a lawyer who presented criminals while taking part in the city’s criminal activities i.e. Saul Goodman.

What an entrepreneur can learn from this series is how to find a potential customer for your business. Saul’s services to provide burner phones to the criminals were to show the viewer that you need to find a potential customer first. The second thing is “always respect your customer”. No matter how “lowlife” your customer may seem, treat him/her like a god! Advertising, low cost, and various other segments have been illustrated in the series.

3. Mad Men

Launched: 19th July 2007

IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Seasons: 7

The series has portrayed Sterling Coopers & Partners’ position at the beginning of their establishment, set up in the 1960s, and how they turned out to be the most prestigious ad-agency. It focuses on Donald Draper, who is the company’s highly talented but a mysterious individual.

The most exciting part of watching this series can be the unexpected twists or the memorable characters. Donald Draper, the one who steals the identity of a soldier in the Korean War, has very minutely explained through his role how dealing with business should look like. The series shed light on the fresh perspective which is a major requirement in a business, how the dressing sense just makes everything look more elegant and risks should be taken for extraordinary results.

4. Suits

Launched: 23rd June 2011

IMDB Rating: 8.5/10

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 9

We live in an era where competition has pierced through the sky and a little motivation is needed to keep the entrepreneurship journey alive. This series is based on New York situated Lawyer firm and a lawyer. The lawyer, Mike, was involved in activities like drug selling, and to get the dirt off his name, he decides to sit for an interview in a lawyer firm. In his interview, he was selected by Harvey Specter regardless of the fact the Mike doesn’t have a degree! The series mostly revolves around Mike and Harvey but what you can learn is how Harvey deals with each case or issue like it’s a piece of cake. Methodology, tactics, ideas play an important role in the big plan you have imagined.

5. Silicon Valley

Launched: 6th April 2014

IMDB Rating: 8.5/10

Where to watch: Disney+Hotstar

Seasons: 6

This American comedy series centers on Richard Hendricks who is desperate to build his own company, Pied Piper. He builds an application Pied Piper which has the capability to compress data through the application’s inbuilt algorithm. The series revolves around 6 men who wanted to build their start-up regardless of the heavy competition. The series has this relatable character who steals data and alters Pied Piper’s algorithm. He calls it Nucleus and eventually Richard has to build a better version to surpass Nucleus. The series encircles few points like good or bad investors and what kind of money will benefit your organization. While starting a business you need to very careful about the money you invest and who is the investor. Another very interesting thing about the series is that you should define your product in the most precise manner for a better understanding of the customers and don’t ever compromise your product for fulfilling the wishes of others.

6. How I Made My Millions

Launched: 9th January 2009

IMDB Rating:8.4/10

Where to watch: CNBC

Seasons: 4

These normal people just take small ordinary ideas and present them to the world in the most extraordinary way and that is the pure talent illustrated in this series. This series will make you want to build a better business which will require only- your idea, simplicity, few resources, and courage to do it. The CNBC original has displayed how there are highs and lows in every business and how you deal with it is dependent on you. All these Millionaires have struggled for what they have now. To make things happen you need to build yourself before building your business and for that, you need to start thinking big.

7. Billions

Launched: 17th January 2016

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

Where to watch: Disney+Hotstar

Seasons: 5

The fictional drama series is based on finance and how Bobby Axelrod accumulates immense wealth and power. The drama gives you an insight into political power one holds while the battle goes on between powerful New York figures – Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod. The series can affect an entrepreneur’s mind in the finance sector and he/she might gain from the tactics in the series.

8. The Profit

Launched: 30th July 2013

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

Where to watch: CNBC

Seasons: 7. 8th Season is not announced yet.

A series that sheds light on the life of a real-life business, Marcus Lemonis was considered the biggest attacker in the business world. He used to invest in struggling companies and turn them into massive entities in terms of business and profit. This series has a lesson for all the entrepreneurs about what they should not do in their business. The Profit has illustrated the hard reality of start-ups and the ugly side of starting one’s business. One wrong step and your business is in ashes. The series is centered on 3P’s- People, Process, and Product. The tricks and tips in the series will enhance the entrepreneurs to focus on their weak points and build resistance in those areas which they find are more vulnerable.

9. The Wolf Of The Wall Street

Launched: 3rd January 2014

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Duration: 3h

The black comedy-drama is very well known for Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort and his thinking that a stockbroker’s goal should be to make money only for himself. Jordan loses his job after the big dip in Black Monday, the largest one-day drop in the stock market, but later finds a job in boiler room brokerage where he makes some money. He meets Donnie Azoff, his neighbor, and the two decide to build their own business.

He, very smartly, plays with his customers with his tactics and salesmanship to offer the stock at an artificially pumped price which later drops immensely as soon as the stock is bought. Belfort’s method and the idea of “pump and dump” bring him into the pool of riches. This drama will immensely affect an entrepreneur to build their skills but one thing should be avoided i.e fraud. This drama is too good to inspire entrepreneurs to learn how to read their customers and sell anything to them.

10. Catch Me If You Can

Launched: 25th December 2002

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Duration: 2h 21m

This movie is not mentioned to play like a con but to inspire those entrepreneurs with key points, regarding the business that the drama portrayed. The series is to make you feel confident and more powerful, even if you have to fake a little. While making business deals one has to be very sure what they say to their people.

This drama has portrayed that you need to build a little confidence, even if it is fake, to win the world and the main strategy of dressing up nicely very much decides your deal. It also teaches you to keep your bank balance good enough to not call yourself broke. You only need to invest in your business before you do in others because money holds the power which will tempt you to spend it. You need to seek out opportunities for yourself and this series has very well explained these concepts.

11. Shark Tank

Launched: 9th August 2009

IMDB Rating:7.6/10

Where to watch: Voot


The sole purpose of this series is to elevate your ideas of presentation and how to take your business to extremes. The series has portrayed the judges as the “Sharks” who will find the weaknesses of the entrepreneurs and judge them on the basis of how the participants react to their weaknesses.  The sharks have made some soft as well as brutal rejections, despite the hard work of the entrepreneurs, which should be kept in mind by the entrepreneurs. What a viewer can learn from this is how confidence plays an essential role in selling your products to the customers. It will also give you a better outlook of what things look like under tension and how your presentation of products plays a key role in business expansion.

12. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Launched: 9th March 2011

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Where to watch: Netflix

Duration: 1h 23m

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi is an American documentary that centers on an 85-year old Japanese chef, Jiro Ono who caters around 20 courses on their menu. He has made one of the finest sushi which he serves at Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 10-seat restaurant that serves only sushi.

This series has very creatively depicted that no matter how small your idea is, building it into reality takes nothing more than courage. Jiro’s dedication and years of hard work made him an expert in this area. He is extremely talented when it comes to production or techniques for maintaining the supply chain.

13. Startup

Launched: 6th September 2016

IMDB Rating: 8.0/10

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Seasons: 3. 4th season is neither denied nor renewed.

This series is equipped with stars whose names are enough to announce it as a super hit. The characters in the web series have very cleverly brought the concept of cryptocurrency start-up idea. The series stars Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Ron Perriman, Addison Timlin, and many others who have acted very beautifully in the series. The series has portrayed the investors very realistically and the pressure built up in the middle of moments like deals, this series will educate entrepreneurs on the real-life situations they might need to handle.

14. The Big Short

Launched: 11th December 2015

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play movies

Duration: 2h 10m

The movie was initially launched on a smaller platform but later it was widely launched on 23rd December by Paramount Pictures. It centers on the 2007-2008 financial crisis in the US market. The characters in the movie then look into the US Housing market, which was predicted to collapse, and discover the flaws and the corruption in the system. This movie has explained how you should follow what you think is right and work according to other’s advice.

15. The Social Network

Launched:12th November 2010

IMDB Rating: 7.7/10

Where to watch: Netflix

Duration: 2h 1m

This drama centers on how Mark Zuckerberg, a known name, found Facebook. Everyone knows about Facebook and how Mark Zuckerberg brought the most used social networking site to this platform. The movie has portrayed each process in the making of Facebook, from management to launch, with a detailed description. The movie can be a great inspiration for many who are thinking of building their own business. It has explained how only an idea is not the key to building your business; it’s the one who executes the idea! Since various changes can take place at a very fast rate, you need to be very careful in providing your service and keep looking for opportunities.