Who Is Praful Billore And What Is The Story Of MBA Chai Wala?

Story Of MBA Chai Wala
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Alright! So the thing is that somehow people are getting so creative with their imagination that they have started building platforms or startups that make us want to change our career streams, do something similar and finally build a new life!

Imagination is the key to building peculiar ideas and of course their implementation can be a tedious task but guess what? People do wonders to bring their ideas to life!

We’ve heard how during the pandemic thousands, or more, lost their jobs but many were keen to bring their ideas forward and eventually they have earned respect and a better lifestyle after following their dreams.

So here we will see the story of MBA Chai Wala, Praful, who managed to get attention from millions of people after his attempt for a startup with a unique name.

Story Of MBA Chai Wala

Prafull Billore, also known as “MBA Chai Wala” now, has been the headline of several news and social media sites!

He turned from a normal student, who was unable to clear CAT and get into IIM Ahmedabad, to a motivating personality called for several events held in colleges or in different programs! Praful is the talk of the country after his tea business burst into the most excellently planned startup of India.

MBA ChaiWala is not just a story of someone who did the best out of his idea but also the story of someone who made it possible for the young generation to know what a good idea turned into reality looks like! This story inspired millions to build something great out of small ideas and eventually get what you procrastinated.


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MBA ChaiWala is a startup by Praful Billore, an MBA drop-out student, which was an outcome of him thinking to himself, while holding a cup of tea in his hands, how he wants to build something out of this life. He started with an idea of building a great plan that was required to execute his business and he was well aware of how Indians are die-hard fans of cutting “chai”!

Meet Prafull Billlore, The Founder Of MBA Chai Wala

Praful Billore hails from Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India and was born on 14th January, 1996.

He has been a keen lover of entrepreneurship since his childhood and wanted to invest his time and ability to work as a businessman. He has always been interested in building a platform that inspired the youth tii build something extraordinary and breed the spirit of entrepreneurship in them.


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His father’s name is Mr. Sohan Billore and mother’s name is unknown.

He was interested in pursuing an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad but unfortunately he couldn’t make it there. This failure was a big shock to him but he continued to explore places and companies to know about the strategies followed by business

So What Is Praful Billore’s Education?

Praful completed his Bachelors in Commerce and later prepared to qualify for a top notch MBA.

Unfortunately he couldn’t not qualify the entrance exam but he turned into a very tenacious businessman after bringing his idea of roadside Tea Stall to life.

He later studied at Ahmedabad Management Association.

How MBA Chai Wala Started?

Well, Praful seems to be overly creative with his sarcastic yet beautiful ideas of describing his life! Everyone is aware that Praful is an MBA drop out but do people know that the main reason for him to start this business was that he couldn’t perform well in CAT paper and was left with a cup of tea while realizing how ruined his future is.

But, his creativity had plans for him! He turned out to be a “Chai-trepreneur”! Isn’t that amazing how we all made fun of our lives by mentioning that we will open a “Chai Ki Tapri” and enjoy our life? Well, Praful made it happen!

During his dream to earn an MBA degree, he was keen to start somewhere in his life with his great entrepreneurship skills but due to failure in the entrance test, he couldn’t make it to IIM Ahmedabad. However, this guy did make an outstanding impression on the B-School because he was now invited there to motivate students and build a better business career for themselves.


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Later he started working at Mcdonalds’ to explore sales, persuasive, and management skills. Since he wouldn’t see himself working there for a long term, he decides to leave the company and create an identity of his own.

After almost 50 days he gained the courage to keep going because he made 0 sales during the first day of his roadside tea stall.

Since communication is the key, he tried to offer tea to people while communicating with them in English. Guess what? It worked!

He was able to attract people and along with his creative idea to bring people’s attention, he found a creative way to bring people into his business by putting up a whiteboard where people, who are willing to join or looking for a job, could mention their contact numbers.

Now, he has made it in the hearts of Indians and is now offering the most loved “Chai” to the people!

Here’s what happened!

Praful is creative in grabbing the attention of the people and what could be better than attracting singles on Valentine’s Day? He organized events like “Free Chai for Singles” on V-Day and made his impact on several election campaigns! His business was a part of the Delhi and Bihar election campaign, MEHFIL-E-KAVITA was held previously for poem and singing nights.

Apart from bringing life to these events, he was also among the people who helped raise funds for cancer patients and Kerala Flood Relief funds.

What Has MBA Chai Wala Achieved Till Date?

Praful is now a social activist, content creator, and angel investor. His business has flooded the gates of several news channels after his creativity and implementation!

He has been featured in BBC, CNN, Scoopwhoop, NDTV, AajTak, ABP, CNBC, TOI, TEDx and was invited to IIMs, IITs, JoshTalks, TEDxMDIGurgaon among others!


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With an investment of just ₹8,000 in his business, his venture is now worth almost ₹4 Crore.

Recently he has gained success and opened another MBA Chai Wala outlet in Surat and Raipur.


Now, with the outstanding success of MBA Chai Wala, Praful has managed to take his business from one outlet to 50+ outlets in India.

His success story is also published in the book “ALL YOU NEED IS JOSH”, where stories of several successful entrepreneurs have been published!

If you want to know more about him or contact him for some events, you can email him or his company your requirements!

Email: Info@mbachaiwala.com