Smart Data Business Analytics Solutions

Business analytics solutions are pivotal for service providers seeking to harness their massive volume of network data. NETSCOUT helps service providers systematically dissect the data to generate crucial insights into service performance, user experience, and customer behavior. The goal may range from data monetization and digital transformation to enhancing user experience. However, all objectives rely on a comprehensive, real-time understanding of service performance and customer experience. This is only possible through high-quality data, illustrating that effective business analytics hinge on excellent data quality. The power of NETSCOUT business analytics solutions enables service providers to make data-driven decisions, identify new growth opportunities, and deliver superior service to their customers.

Can you trust your data? The Big Data business analytics challenge

Nearly every industry today is striving to become more data-driven. In fact, the future of your business depends upon your ability to treat this data as a strategic asset and leverage it to your advantage. The sheer volume of structured and unstructured data being collected is staggering, as is the number of ways that this data can be combined and analyzed. With so much depending upon accurate and timely business analytics and intelligence, are you confident in the quality and timeliness of the data being fed into your Big Data business analytics platform?

nGenius Business Analytics

Turn information into business insights

There is smart data hidden in the data you’re already collecting. Turning that information into useful business insights is critical. To stay ahead of the competition and to get the most out of your Big Data investment, you need multi-dimensional smart data from various sources that can be fed into your business analytics tools for truly impactful insights.

Business Analytics Solution

NETSCOUT delivers real-time smart data to power business analytics

NETSCOUT's nGenius Business Analytics solution is a next-generation approach to Big Data analytics. It combines real-time, smart data with powerful business analytics for the most complete picture of service performance and customer experience, usage and behavior. We help you tackle the challenges associated with Big Data, enabling lucrative insights and predictive analytics that will improve customer experience and drive efficiency and productivity.

Service Provider Analytics

NETSCOUT’s Business Data Analytics Solution

At the heart of NETSCOUT’s Business Data Analytics solution is nGenius Business Analytics, which enables service providers to:
  • Transform data into powerful business insights
  • Build custom KPIs, and mine and query data in real time
  • Produce actionable insights into subscriber behavior and experience
  • Easily export network and service intelligence into third party applications via open, industry-standard APIs

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